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I don't post too much I mostly lurk since I am somewhat more mainstream then alot of you but I figured I would share my birthstory and my son with ya'll as well

Elliot Gabriel was born 4/12/06 @ 9:24am he was 7lbs 9oz and 19.5"
I labored for 11 hrs and pushed for 10 mins
This is a copy from my blog of the birthstory, I gave birth in a hospital which is different then alot of ya'll here but I hope you enjoy my story.
Here is a picture of him at birth
And here is a recent one of him now at 1 month old.
This was his hungry face, soon as I snapped the picture we cuddled and nursed! I just love the face
Elliot's Birthstory

Ok so it all started about 7:30 or so on Tues, I started to feel some tightening in my stomach, which btw was nothing abnormal as I have been contraction every day for mos lol. As a joke I was like I guess I'll time these I had one or two that were a little bit uncomfortable but nothing really bad. They started at my first one 4 mins apart then 9 mins then they went to 10 mins apart and back down to 5 then the last several were 3 mins apart..

At 8 pm I figured I'd give L&D a call.
So I called L&D and told the nurse my contraction pattern and they were drawing close, she told me to put my feet up, which i had already been doing the past hour + and to drink about 3 big glasses of water to see how I still felt, and it I was still feeling these ctx to come in then.
I really waited about 30 mins or so then we decided it's best to get the kids to go to Gma's house and when Dh was going to Gma's to drop them off I was at the PC waiting on him to get back.

When he came back i freshened up some and got dressed.

I figured that I would be coming back home anyway so I wasn't too worried about making sure we had everything. I made sure I had my camera jic.

So anyway by the time we arrived at the hospital it was 10:15 I was the only on in L&D so I got some nice treatment. When I was initially checked I was at a 4. I was pretty surprised by that, being my last check i was a 2 a few days before. She was unsure if I would be admitted so they kept the monitors on ctx were going strong 3 mins apart
They ran some fluids through me to make sure the ctx didn't go away and I wasn't dehydrated and the ctx stayed just lessened intensity a bit..

The whole time I was worried I wouldn't get my meds in time for the GBS,I had never had GBS before so I was nervous lol I and glad when I finally did get them.

Well the doctor on call(not my doc, but her partner) decided I'd finally be admitted and he would call to check on me to see how I was doing.

I was still comtemplating on whether or not I wanted to get the Epidural for this labor, some of you may remember my post on it sometime back

Then around 1am or so the epi lady came in and she asked if I would mind just having the catherter in place but none of the meds in it, since she had just gotten done with a huge accident and she was on her way home, she wanted to make sure since I wanted an epi I was able to get one. I said ok. So they placed the catheter in it took her forever to me it seemed I felt like she had placed it too high, at least higher then I normally have had it put in.

So she did a test dose and asked if i felt anything I had said yea because i felt something funny in my back, I had no clue what the hell i was suppose to be feeling since I've never had the cath in without epi medicine following soon lol. So finally after about 3 hours or so at 4 am I decided I would get the epidural , I figured by that point I was 8cms and that is when I had epi placed with DD.(I know I was so close but I was so nervous of the pain when the baby came out,so I caved)
So nurse came in and hooked in the meds and i noticed they were very slow to take over anything. My left side felt sorta numb after about 30+ mins but my right side wasn't feeling much of anything. The entire reason why I wanted to get the epidural was because the baby was on a nerve on my right side and when I had a contraction the nerve would flare up and it shoot up my ribs and it annoyed the heck out of me, so I figured the epi would take that edge off and I would not be so uncomfortable.

I told nurse that I wasn't really feeling it taking effect on that side so she had me roll over on my side and layed there for a bit, it took the edge off the rib pains and I felt ok after awhile I rolled on my back (i could do all this myself btw) and no sooner had i gotten off my side I felt the annoying pain. I hit my button every 15mins to give me pain dose, even though my pain wasn't too too bad i wanted to make sure it was gonna get me through when it was time to push, so i pushed away lol..

So quick recap at 4am I got epi in place and was 8cms..Still got checked a few times after and was still an 8cm..(looking back i think getting the Epidural meds finally in had stalled the progression)
Dr came in by this time it was 9 am and I had gotten 3 doses of my GBS antibiotics. So dr came in(my ob was out of town it was her birthday the day he was born, so I had the on call/her partner doc delivering Elliot)

He came in and broke my water I was @ 9cms, finally some progression!! I had told Dh at this point the Epi wasn't doing anything at all and it hadn't for quite awhile.They started a pit drip on me to get me on my way(i don't think this was much needed, since once my water broke Elliot seemed to have rushed down my BC) I

Once the nurses and doc left I got my first ctx with the pit and oh my it caught me off guard so I looked at dh and asked him to come over and hold my hand. I couldnt believe how bad it hurt. It was painful but I just remember thinking wow that hurt!! I breathed through a few more ctx and the nurses had came in to see how I was doing and they noticed I was crying(i felt like such a baby lol) I told them the epidural didn't work and if I could have something to just get the edge off. Even though I wasn't expecting to birth natural( it had crossed my mind to do it this way the final time) I think i handled it pretty well, I breathed through them and remembered to relax but it was pretty dang hard, since my ctx were on top of each other. Finally nurse came back in and she sorta looked down there and was like the only thing we can do for you is to deliver you. At this point i was sorta petrfied, there was no way I was gonna be able to do this. I felt like I could crawl out of my skin at some point.

Doctor came in and nurse had me push a bit and I remember hearing the doctor say let me cover my shoes lol, and my glasses are gonna get foggy i forgot the shield.

I loved this doctor and wish I'd of had him my entire pregnancy, he had my personality and he was just funny.

So I was finally ready to push i felt the urge to go and they wanted me to wait until doc was ready but I couldn't there was just no way he was gonna come out on his own , it sure felt that way.

So time to come and push the best way i can describe that feeling of the baby coming down was the old fashioned nerf guns they use to have with the orange foam balls and you could shoot them at people. How the ball sorta suctions through the tunnel before it pops out lol..

So anyway I am pushing and when you can feel it , it really motivates you to push that sucker out. With DD I could feel her too but it was just pressure without much of the pain. Elliot I felt both. So after 3 sets of pushes, doc said total of 10 mins pushing Elliot Gabriel was born at 9:29am weighing 7lbs 9.4 oz 19.5" long.
His apgars were 8 and 9 she gave him an 8 for his coloring his hands and feet were kinda bluish and he had a lot of fluid to get out.
I had to get an episiotomy

The nurses and doc knew that I wasn't planning for a natural birth and they all kept telling me how good I did and that eveyrthing was great, so that was nice to hear, since I was still pretty horrified that I had just did that. Even though i birthed at the hospital my hospital is very pro the mom and what she wants and had such an awesome support system

I got to hold him for several hours before he went to the nursery, I was 37.5 weeks when I had him, orginally I was due 4/28

Fun facts
I've had 3 children and each one was born on a wednesday the first 2 I was in my 38th week and my last i was in my 37th week

He was 1lb and 1 oz larger then my last one, just like DD was 1lb 1oz larger than DS#1

I know my story is a bit unconvential then most of yours but I enjoyed being able to share it with you. I will say though after delivering my son without and meds was the best labor I have had and I wish I had the guts to do it with my other two. I felt great after I had him and I healed up quickly. It wasn't my ideal birth experience for #3 but I am so very glad that I ended up delivering him that way. I felt so empowered and strong, it was amazing!
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YAY!!! Blessings to you and your family.:
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winner.jpg Adina knit.gifmama to B hearts.gif 4/06  and E baby.gif  8/13/12 (on her due date!) homebirth.jpg waterbirth.jpg


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Congrats mama! Welcome Elliot Gabriel! He is a CUTIE!


mama to Milena Anjali (4/26/06) and Vincent Asher (4/13/09) ~ married to the love of my life since 2002.
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that second picture is absolutley GORGEOUS!!! what a sweetheart.
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I'm so glad you did share! *CONGRATULATIONS!* (((((HUGS))))) sandi
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congratulations!! Your baby is beautiful! Thanks for sharing your story! I loved it.

mom to 3 lovely kids
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