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Another one of the long ones...

I woke up Saturday morning about 430am having contractions about 7-10 min apart. I went to pee and had lost some plug. Contractions stayed the same most of the rest of the night, I could sleep through them or between with no big deal. I woke up before everyone else that morning and got some breakfast. Contractions stayed steady at about 7 minutes.
I went ahead and called the midwife. She was the one I really wanted and she went off at 9. I hoped if I called before then she could be the one who delivered, but no good. She said she wanted me to get everyone together, get up and get going and head on down. This being #3 and us living 40 minutes away she wanted me closer to the BC before the contractions got to 3-5 min. So I contacted everyone involved and got the boys and hubby up.
My best friend and I (hubby, MIL and my older boys stayed home till we saw where I was labor wise) headed down to the BC and got there around 9am. Midwife checked me and I was 3 cm and 50%, she recommended walking (more on this later). So me and my village (my mom, my best friend, my cousin and a friend from school) all walked around the parking lot while my dad sat in a yard chair under a tree and
The MW would check me about every hour or so and I progressed very slowly. I finally got to 3 cm and 60% or so with him engaged she stripped my membranes. Oh..side note...this MW (to me) was soo rough...every time she checked me it was uncomfortable. So we went to walk some more after the stripping hoping it would really pick up.
My dad went and got lunch and we sat in the lobby and hung out. After lunch she checked again. Was 3 cm and 80%. We decided a nap was a good idea to see if I progressed or stayed the same.
On and off during all this the MW I wanted that delivered #2 was there at the center planting flowers. She was very encouraging ...told us to maybe go walk somewhere..that she was sure it would be today. The other MW seemed to be 'put out' by my labor almost.
After my nap I was still pretty much going nowhere fast. The MW on duty told me to go home that it was looking like it wouldn’t be today. At this point I was drained emotionally. I was all prepped for baby, was missing my boys and hubby. I was weepy and sooo tired. (BTW Pullsatilla helps great with the weepy!!) All I wanted was to go home and see all my boys and reconnect.
We loaded up expecting to turn around half the way home and go back. We got home and hubby fixed a great steak and potato meal and everyone ate and I rested. My best friend got her shower, supper and tucked her kids in. Around 720pm the contractions picked up to around 5-7 min apart and were getting pretty rough. My BF got to the house as I was moaning through a contraction. She asked hubby 'how long she been doing that’ he told her last 2 contractions. BF said..'we are going now!'. My parents followed in their car. My dad used to be an EMT so if we did have to deliver on the roadside I really would have liked him to help out. Wasn’t worried at all about BF, but nice to have dad there too.
We got about 10 min away from BC and I was having bottom pressure and stinging with the contractions. I got worried!! Told BF...get there!
We got to the BC at 855pm Saturday the 29th. I had a major contraction in the lobby..moaned all the way through it. We got back to the room and MW checked me..5-6 cm!! I was thinking no *$%^& way! Contractions were intense and I felt best standing holding on to BF. I peed a couple of times and kept walking back and forth pushing against BF and anything else I could push on through contractions. At about 920pm the stinging started.
Now...back track and sidetrack for a sec. With both prior deliveries when I get to the stinging (you girls know what I mean!) I would start to no no...didn’t want to push….wanted it away...wanted it to stop! This time I decided ok! Forget that, when that stinging happens I know that means baby is coming and soon! All I have to do is push like crazy and the baby will get here...scream through it and be done!!
So back to BC...Stinging started and I told BF NO, then in my mind we are...get it done! Or in the south we say GIT R DONE!!...
So I felt the sting, I said I need to push....MW said water broke along with a poop....I said...he's about to crown! MW told me I had to get on the bed...BF grabbed on leg and pulled me up and someone else got the other. I buried my face in the bed and screamed and pushed...MW says he's out to the ears! I hear my mom ask if he has hair...MW says yes! I am doing nothing but pushing and screaming with my face buried in the bed on my hands and knees. I pushed memory of breathing… and MW says his head is out…I keep pushing and MW says he’s here…reach under and get your baby…I tell her, just put him under on the bed. The 4 pushes were in less than 2 minutes total!
My BF was so determined to deliver this baby…with #1 the hospital was not supportive..with #2 I wouldn’t let go her hand for her to deliver. This time she was next to my head the whole time talking to me. I asked her later why she didn’t move to the back and deliver..she said..’I could have, but you needed me’. She was so wonderful with all 3 of my births! I told my husband if we ever move we can’t have any more babies, cause I wouldn’t have them without her! I truly don’t think I could deliver without her!
So they put baby through my legs and up to where I can see him…BF cuts the cord and they roll me over on my back. BF took baby and cuddled him and showed him off to everyone while MW tended to me. Delivered the placenta about 10 after he was born.
After I got cozy in the bed and was cuddling I realized that by butt hurt, not my vaginal area or perineum, but my butt muscles….I figured between walking sooo much that morning (in sandals, DUH) and laboring while standing I had seriously worked those Yeah Arnica and Resue Remedy!!
My boys did great the whole time. Before we left the house they had baths and PJS put on. They both fell asleep on the way down. Hubby took them both into the family room when we got there. My 4 year old woke up and watched some movies with dad and poppie (my dad), and my 2.5 year old slept on the couch with granma (DH mom). My mom was in the room with me. People always ask why hubby is not in the delivery with me…he doesn’t handle medically stressful situations well and I use too much mental energy worrying about him and he worries about me the whole time, so we found out with #1 we both do better with him not in the room. It works for us….
We left the BC around 4ish Sunday morning. Both older boys were asleep and stayed asleep the whole way home and into their own beds. So basically the 2.5 year old went to sleep and woke up at home with a new baby
We were home by 5 am Sunday morning.
It was a long day..frustrating that morning, but was exactly what I wanted. Get the BC in time to have the baby.
If anyone reading this hasn’t had their baby yet, my word of advice is prepare will say no to yourself and others at some point in delivery..buck it up and PUSH LIKE HELL!! Scream as loud ( and low !!) as you want and push push push push!! Get your baby here fast and furious!…I really should rename him Vin Diesel!
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I loved your story! I also have that moment of "No way can I do this!!" - great advice!


mom to 3 lovely kids
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GREAT birth story! Hazel definitely did a number on my bottom also~that's where all the pressure was. (((((HUGS))))) sandi
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Congrats! What a great birth story
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