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May 2006 > YAY! I'm going to have a May baby!
luckylady's Avatar luckylady 11:01 AM 09-06-2005
I am so happy to be preggers and would love to get to know all the other May mommas.

dshields's Avatar dshields 11:28 AM 09-06-2005
yeah lucky lady! congrats and welcome!

~*max*~'s Avatar ~*max*~ 05:10 PM 09-06-2005
Congratulations Luckylady! I look forward to getting to know you too.
maybebaby's Avatar maybebaby 08:13 PM 09-06-2005
Another Cheryl!!

merrick's Avatar merrick 08:47 PM 09-06-2005
mamacatsbaby's Avatar mamacatsbaby 11:37 PM 09-06-2005
Too awesome luckylady, congrats! Look forward to posting with you!
Naughty Dingo's Avatar Naughty Dingo 12:28 AM 09-07-2005
Welcome Cheryl and congrats. I love your user ID
Sydnee's Avatar Sydnee 01:13 AM 09-07-2005
Congrats and Welcome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
starlein26's Avatar starlein26 10:42 AM 09-07-2005
c o n g r a t u l a t i o n s ! !

i wish you the very best!