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Oh mamas, I have no idea how I am going to cope with all of this. I'm just sludging through all this prelabor junk, and it's like my mind had just gone and jumped off of the deep end. I am just - well - freaking out. My poor Maya, 2 and a half, is driving me BONKERS and I've hollared at her more times today than I probably ever have in her whole little life. Okay, so she put potato chips in the dvd player. What are potato chips even doing in the house anyway! See if I let daddy go grocery shopping anymore. Okay, so our heat is out and she's uber-hacked off about her socks, totally nothing I should be losing my mind over. So, she's figured out how to open the toilet seat and dump in all my burts bees stuff. Plop. But, who cares, right?

Ugh. I'm just about *THIS* close to running down the street screaming like a madperson.

And, when I'm in between all of that, I'm practically bawling and wondering why the heck I can't just chill out and curl up with her and relax. And feeling guilty for being so ridiculously mad over stupid stuff. I spent all of my teen years and half of my twenties being arbitrarily mad, what on earth does it need to come and visit me NOW for?!

Mostly I'm a fairly centered happy inner-buddha mama, but I'm really losing it today. In fact, I have locked the door in the bathroom and in my room and run off to hide myself in the office behind another closed door and just let her BE out there. And I feel like I am just falling apart. If I can't cope with this little one who I love so much, how am I going to deal with her and an INFANT. Poor little bean probably doesn't even WANT to come out - she's gotta be in there going "Oh my god, this is my MOTHER!?"

I'm just so overwhelmed and I guess my chemical balance must be all jacked up and I'm tired of not getting any more than 45 minutes of sleep at a time (not that THAT is going to get any better) and - ugh. I just don't know what to do. My awesome DH is just that - awesome, but he can't take time off of work (so says our bank account) to come home and relieve my insane brain. And, we're fairly new to our area and I don't know anyone - except his sisters, who are kind, but also kind of far, and it's not like I'm close enough to any of them to call 'cause I'm flipping my s#!t.

Ugh. Sorry to rant on and on. I just had to get it out, hopefully I will just be able to get ahold of myself and chill. Can I blame this on being 37 and a half weeks pregnant, or am I just losing my mind?
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Our kids are almost the exact same age (ds born 10/29/03), and I can tell you that he is on my nerves more than usual right now. I feel awful for saying it, but it's true. Things that usually wouldn't ruffle me have me feeling very annoyed. I am totally blaming it on the hormones.
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ok-it is all fine-I promise. The whole reason you can't cope right now is because you are pg. B the time you have her and a babe you will no longer be pg so hopefully the hormones will settle down a bit. Plus you won't be uncomfortable and well, pg! I would probably have to cry a little over the burts bees stuff in the toilet-but really its all gonna be ok. I have had a few hide in the bathroom days myself. They are harder on us mamas than on the kidlets=I promise.

mother, wife, sister, friend--step mom to one grown man and mommy to 3 boys-ages 19, 10 and 4
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Right there with you... and now that it's nice and the windows are open I'm sure the neighbors are thinking "what a beeeyitch". :

My dh is not only working full-time but doing some extra work on the side so he's hardly been home. And our sewer isn't working properly so we can only flush every few hours and take a quick rinse for a shower. I did dishes and the dish water was backing up in the kitcen so we're officially doing paper plates and carryout food until this is resolved.

I may have to change my username from busybusymomma to Oscar the Grouch if this baby doesn't come soon!
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I went to google typed in toddler gate Target has one that has a control you put on the wall outside your childs room the gate is electronic push the button to unlock it the toddler cannot get it open or climb over it and it swings open so you dont have to straddle a gate i have an 20 month old Dd and it keeps her safe in her room which looks like a daycare toys tv etc....
she is content and I dont have to chase her around the house screaming nooooo just go to google and type in Target and electronic toddler gate it was only $50.00 totally worth my sanity.I have been a freak for the last two weeks Iam 34 weeks along so you are not alone.
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Count me in as guilty as charged. My DD is 4 and has been whiney and clingy and I have been a lunatic in return. It's gotten better the past few days because I have been paying more attention to her and she has been leaving me be when I need to be left.

It is the pregnancy. This too shall pass...
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Oh my goodness I'm there with you. I thought I was going to start crying in Target today with the boys. They've just been an absolute handful lately and my patience is just not even there anymore - I hate myself like this.

Thankfully for my poor boys the weather has been gorgeous here and I took them to the park to play and it just made everything better. When I'm at home I'm freaking out about the mess they're making, the stuff I'm not doing, them fighting nonstop, etc. When we go to the park it's just me enjoying them and relaxing.

I'm so glad our weather has changed, I was ready to run for the hills and leave DH with the boys!
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I don't even have any children yet and I feel like this... my poor DH. I wonder if he'd rather have the weepy hormonal wife than the irritatable hormonal wife? (I am not at all weepy... my mom warned me that I would be, but I am really not. Except when certain songs come on the radio... but those usually make me cry anyway!)

Ugh. I can't wait for the grumpiness to be gone!
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Thank you for sharing your hormonal rages. I felt like I was the only one going through this. My dh was home throughout most of my pregnancy, but now he is gone all the time leaving me with a 20 month old who has just decided to hit the terrible 2's...or is it just my hormones?!?! I feel so bad for freaking out on her. She actually dumped her yogurt raisons and actually yelled at herself.."NOT NICE!!"
Ugh...I don't know how to chase after her and have a newborn too...but I guess it is a little late now to be thinking of that...lol
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Hugs mamas.

I'm with alexisyael. I don't even have any other babies yet but I feel you guys on the grumpiness. Comes and goes. I hope it goes for good soon...

"A computer once beat me at chess, but it was no match for me at kick boxing." ~ Emo Philips tea6.gif

Me, DH, DS1, DS2, November 2012 brokenheart.gif, July 2013 brokenheart.gif, March 2014 brokenheart.gif

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Dear Anathea,

I'm almost 38 wks and I also am feeling overwhelmed. I guess my dh is the target of my anger more than my ds, because I am thinking that he should be spending every second of his free time helping me get ready for the baby and giving me extra time to rest and prepare. I totally freaked out last night and started balling.

Can you ask for more support from anyone right now? I can relate to being terrified about looking after an infant and a 2.5 yo!! But it's always worse anticipating things than actually going through them, isn't it? Remember, you're an expert at infants! You're not an expert at 2.5 yos yet and our first children will always be the ones keeping us on our toes, in general.

About dealing with frustrations with your dd: sometimes it really helps to talk to them while they're asleep. Just let it all out, express all your mixed feelings. It sounds silly but many mothers find that they feel more at peace afterwards.

Hang in there!

sharing life with | 10 yo ds | 8 yo dd | dh (since 2012)
"I am not what happened to me...I am what I choose to become." ~ Carl Jung
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My 20 month old broke her leg 6 days ago my husband is Airforce they are working 6 days a week 12 shifts till May 22 Iam due May 30th if it wasnt for her gated playroom I would be in worse shape and my husband is totally comotose when he is here not good all the way across the board.
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