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#61 of 72 Old 07-13-2006, 10:54 PM
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Ack! Everyone's so chatty this week I can't keep up! I wish I had time to respond to everyone, but it's just not going to happen this week! My MIL and SIL are here right now. MIL came about a month ago and she was our first guest to see the baby and it was stressful. Now things are SO much easier and I can be a good hostess and we can go sightseeing and making elaborate dinners (lobster tonight. I love living in Maine.). We also can go do a little shopping together, which is fun when we are looking at baby clothes. Not so fun when looking at pants for me. Really, I almost cried when I tried on a pair of pants that are a size bigger than I used to be and I couldn't zip them. And they were really cute and cheap. Ugh. Maybe I shouldn't have made that ice cream tonight with all fresh farm cream.

Along those lines, though, Phoebe and I started a mommy and baby yoga class this week. And Danielle, I also live in a pretty crunchy area and when other moms came in with babies in carriers, I asked if they brought them in because it was easier for the class or something. No, it was just easier for them. Whatever. I was the only one who carried my baby in. I also went out to dinner last night and when DH made the reservation he mentioned we had a baby, so when we got there the table had a highchair set up to hold the carrier. The waiter totally didn't understand how we were going to eat our meals without just plopping the baby and carrier on the highchair.

Erika, I love the fuzzibuns for nighttime. I stuff them with a prefold and a hemp doubler and it gets Phoebe through the night, now that she doesn't poop while sleeping. No more middle of the night diaper changes and her butt looks better than ever! Woohoo!

I guess after all this rambling I had more time to post than I thought. But I really should go to bed, so I'm done now. Really!
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Just joined the yahoo group, thanks dharmama!

dshields-- sorry to hear about the super mainstream group-- how frustrating! I totally agree that this place has totally changed how I view parenting in general...

Thanks to all for the hugs and support. The ILs are ok, so far anyway. Two family members flew out of the Beirut airport less than an hour before the bombings! So glad they are safe. Other family members are stuck in the south at their summer house. There's no way to get back into Beirut since all the bridges have been blown up. We're spending most of our time watching TV, between CNN and al-Jazeera. DH even got up at 6 this morning to get the news, none of which was good. Things are looking pretty bad, in fact. There is currently NO WAY out of the country. Wwe're very concerned about the safety of the ILs. They, on the other hand, seem pretty calm. They're used to this kind of thing, unfortunately.
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Ack, I can't keep up either! I did join the Yahoo group though.

MaryLizah ~ glad the ILs are okay. Things are scary there right now.

Danielle ~ your babe is adorable! I have yet to catch a good smile with the camera.

People rarely comment on the baby in the sling, but I do get lots of weird looks and an occasional, "She sure looks happy in there!" We live in a very mainstream area. In fact, my LLL meeting is the only place I've ever seen anyone else slinging.

Everything is going much better here. My mastitis is finally gone. That was just horrible. My milk supply has returned to normal and Kirsten is once again a happy baby. Man, does she SLEEP. Two 4-5 hour stretches at night, two 2-3 hour naps during the day, and numerous little catnaps in the sling while I'm doing chores too. All that snoozing means lots of growing, I suppose. She's seriously chunking out ~ 13 pounds now at 7 weeks. Here's a pic ~ Kirsten

Have a great weekend, everyone.

~~Kristina~~ Mama to DS(10/30/01), DD1(VBAC 3/28/04) and DD2(HBAC 5/21/06)
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: : :

I...umm....forgot to check in here

Can you forgive me??

Life has been crazy, but we're all doing well

I'm off to join the yahoo group now

mom to three boys:  reading.gif(18 bigeyes.giffencing.gif(10&7)
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Marylizah, this must be such a scary time, my thoughts are with you and your family.

JayGee, Kirsten is so cute! Those are some yummy cheeks! (I can't stop nibbling Ari's but he's still working on chunking out- and sleeping too for that matter though its getting better. So glad to hear your mastitis has cleared and your milk is back! keep the baby pictures coming people! Its so fun to see the little ones we are hearing so much about! I am not very happy with my camera but I'll try to post a pic soon too.

dshields, beautiful photos and a beautiful babe! thanks for sharing!

We planted our placenta tree last night! We chose a beautiful apple to plant behind our house. All the folks from our property came out (we share land in a sort of cohousing farm situation though its not as crunchy as this is making us sound!) and the kids got really into adding the dirt etc. Ari peeked at the event over the top of his wrap...and the placenta was just as bloody and visceral as I remembered it! but pretty cool to have a tree grow from what nurtured my babe and connected us for all those months!

I have been doing some reading about breastmilk donation. A friend is adopting soon and I have all this milk stored and my supply is regularly more than my baby can eat. I am mulling over whether to offer- it feels like quite a commitment to pump for another baby, but it would be pretty amazing to be able to do that too... I have no idea what she would think of the idea either- to me this breastmilk is gold but she might think the idea is crazy or gross... I guess I'll psych myself up to call her- wish me luck!
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taimarie - hey, i think it's cool to try to suggest pumping for your friends baby! i looked into donating too, but i think it'd just be too much b/c you have to ship it and everything. my SIL had a preemie and ended up giving up on BF'ing after 2 months for some moderately valid reasons, but I wished that we lived closer so that at least occasionally that baby could have a bottle of breastmilk. you don't have to pump enough to feed the baby 100%, even a little bit here and there is better than nothing!!!

Amy, mama to "Pumpkin" (DD1, 5/16/06) and "Squashy" (DD2, 7/10/09)
"Real knowledge is to know the extent of one's ignorance"- Confucius
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Originally Posted by BambooMama
you don't have to pump enough to feed the baby 100%, even a little bit here and there is better than nothing!!!
Thanks mama, thats a really good point- I could give her just what I am able to give without it changing my life too much- the part that was hanging me up was imagining having huge full boobs all the time if it brought up my supply a lot, and being tied to the pump the way I was when I was pumping full time for my ds, but I guess it doesn't have to be nearly that extreme! Good to hear! I'm sorry that donating didn't work for you- there does seem to be a lot of barriers. Locally I can't donate to a bank either... Too bad about your SIL
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Erin, thanks for starting the Yahoo group! Tee-hee, your ped's almost like a Mendelsohn reincarnate? That's so awesome to hear.

OMG Danielle your babe is making me gush. Gorgeous! And besides the bags,ads and everything, have you heard about the formula black market? Insanity. If a mama cannot BF you'd think that formula wouldn't be so flippin' expensive that mamas were being forced to get formula off the back of trucks and such b/c they can't afford it. :

BambooMama, solids at two months? And six weeks early too? Gimme a break. DH is from WI and we lived there for a year and a half a few years ago. Brrrr! Too doggone cold for all this GA peachiness. : But I do feel all cool that I know where Madison is. My sissy was not able to BF for very long either for various reasons. Broke my heart.


erika, that's so nice of your friend! kissaluvs are so soft. have fun! i think you're gonna love cloth. gee, kids sure seem to dig the toilet. my mama used to tell me all about my toilet antics.

amy i used to looove lobster. i haven't been able to eat anything even remotely fishy since i got pg though.

it's good to hear the ils are ok marylizah. it's aweful that these things happen so much that they're used to it. :

kristen what a little chunkmeister! i love it! such a beautiful baby.

unreal i hope things slow down a bit for you guys. i suppose we can forgive you but it's going to take some time for the healing to begin. *sniff*

taisa i can't wait to plant our placenta. i love the idea of us being able to have nourishment from what nourished our little guy for so long. : good luck on the bm donation, that's so awesome of you! i hope your friend takes you up on your offer. yes even a little would be great!

i hear you guys on the weird looks and stuff with the cd, bw, etc. we get stares, smiles, comments, good and not so much so. the other day dh and i were walking to the library and overheard this woman saying how she'd be scared to carry her baby this way (ds was in the moby).

ok, off to join the yahoo group!

"A computer once beat me at chess, but it was no match for me at kick boxing." ~ Emo Philips tea6.gif

Me, DH, DS1, DS2, November 2012 brokenheart.gif, July 2013 brokenheart.gif, March 2014 brokenheart.gif

candle.gif Waiting on my SunshineBaby om.gif


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KRS-is Eli kinda spitty too? Your description of gassy and acne sounds like Rosemary. She seems to tolerate the gas OK, doesn't get too worked up about it, but I GUESS I could give up dairy if I had to....
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Since I NIP everywhere, and my MIL is here from NW PA, DH asked her what people would think of me NIPing there, where we both grew up. Thrugh this, we realized she hasn't seen anyone NIP in THIRTEEN years! And that was her cousin who was vsiting her from Maine, where we are! No wonder I feel like I should be NIPing whenever I can.
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to marylizah. How sad for your family. I am glad all is well though.

Danielle your baby is a DOLL!

So is your Kristen!

Joined the yahoo group! Thanks for starting that up!

All is well here. Sorry for the vent about sleep the other day. I think the wee man and I are finally in a good rythm - I lay down with him and nurse him to sleep at 6:30 and he sleeps soooooo good. And I was able to get DD to sleep back in her own bed - in our room of course! I don't mind that at all. So at last - I get to SLEEP without being kicked in the head and back all night - and I can snuggle DH!

We go to the ped next Thursday - she's hard to get in to see! I love my Ped too. She is accepting about not vaxing but I wouldn't say encouraging. I'll take a no nag ped anyday though!

Here is the wee man kickin back with Daddy:http://www.flickr.com/photos/gypsy-soul/189990889/
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Hi Everyone! Just got back from joining the Yahoo group!! What a great idea!!

Glad to hear everyone is safe, babies are growing well, mamas are getting more sleep and that we have the most beautiful bunch of babies in our DDC! Go mamas!!

As for us, Grant is growing like crazy. At his 2 month check up he was 14 lbs. 4.5 oz. (8 lbs. 7 oz. at birth) and 25 inches long (22 at birth) Yikes!! LOL I still worry since he RARELY/NEVER BF's for more than 5 minutes at a time. Do you think he's getting enough hindmilk? He's always BFing on demand so I don't know how I'd pump before feeding him so that he gets more hindmilk. When he's ready to eat, he's READY TO EAT!! Any suggestions?? Here's a picture of him with daddy about a week ago: Baby Bean
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