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June 2006 > *waves* Hewwo, I guess I'm either here
Pandora114's Avatar Pandora114 12:01 PM 10-05-2005
Or In May, I dont know. Just found out. So I think I might bop between you two :LOL

Dunno, I know I O'd around the weekend of the 16th *I took a charting break lol*

so I don't bloody well know, but Yeah I'm here.


Any ideas on how to make sore breasts better? Mine are KILLING me

Keeta's Avatar Keeta 12:15 PM 10-05-2005
Hi Pandora!

I just came over yesterday from the One Thread, too. C'mon - you know you want a june baby! You have another dd, right? Was she early/late/rightontime?

I haven't been feeling the boob thing yet - which is weird, because usually they KILL during PMS. Usually I try to stabilize them like crazy when they hurt - sometimes a bra AND a sports bra does the trick. Shouldn't mine hurt now too? Or is their not hurting a symptom of pg for me? I could drive myself crazy...

The only real symptoms I feel so far are: unfiltered water smells like mold to me all of a sudden (out of the tap and drinking fountain at school, at home in the shower, blech).

And I'm always slightly-kinda hungry but nothing really sounds good. I think I need to up my protein intake. Out to buy some cottage cheese! I'm a veggie so I hope I don't start craving the steak! I might have to sneak out without DH...Last night all I wanted was some really fattening, crappy mac & cheese - like the kind you'd find at Home Town Buffet (eeeww) or the frozen Stoffer's variety. Weird.
Pandora114's Avatar Pandora114 12:16 PM 10-05-2005
She was 2wks early 38wks 2 days so yeah term lol

I'm SPOTTING, WTH, this BETTER not be a chemical preg. I'll be PISSED.

I'm gonna get another POAST just to be on the safe side today.
Keeta's Avatar Keeta 12:34 PM 10-05-2005

I don't think it's terribly out of the ordinary to spot in early pregnancy - but maybe some of the other mamas have more experience than I? Call your doc if you get really nervous...

I know I would be panicked, too. I'll be thinking sticky thoughts for you!
Pandora114's Avatar Pandora114 12:45 PM 10-05-2005
I'm not seeing a Dr. I'm seeing a midwife, and my first appt isn't till the 24th...
Amys1st's Avatar Amys1st 01:05 PM 10-05-2005
I spotted w my last pregncy twice and both times were right around when my period would have been due. It was really a bit of nothing. If its more than a bit of brown discharge then be worried.
chiromama's Avatar chiromama 03:11 PM 10-05-2005
Pandora, if you Oed around the 16th, you'd be 'due' around june 9th. (my egg retrieval - ovulation) was on the 14th.. and I'm 'due' on the 7th. I hope your spotting stops!
Paddington's Avatar Paddington 04:42 PM 10-05-2005
ovusoft told me june 9! hi pandora! i see you on occassion in the circ area, right? congrats! i haven't had any spotting but i've had a couple cramps. not non-stop ones, just an occassional one. since i didn't have anything with my ds, this is kind of weird for me. and i definitely have the breast sensitivity. i keep have to guard them when my ds tries to jump on me.