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mom2mygirls's Avatar mom2mygirls 07:10 PM 10-06-2005
Hi Iam Christina mom to three little girls I just got a positive test yesterday so we will be adding a fourth child Iam really happy Iam still breastfeeding my 18 month old and havent desided if Iam going to wean or not I hope to get to know all of you.

MyLittleWonders's Avatar MyLittleWonders 09:16 PM 10-06-2005
Congratulations Christina! I am still bf'ing my 22 month old ... I don't think I'll wean him, but I'm wondering what he'll do as I get further along and the milk starts to change. (Of course, he's the type of kiddo that will go back to nursing strong after the baby is born because the milk will be so plentiful!! ) Right now he doesn't seem interested in weaning either, but who knows what the next few months will bring.