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~Asana Mama~'s Avatar ~Asana Mama~ 05:23 PM 10-24-2005
As some of you know, we are going to Bend, Or this week to consider a potential relocation. This trip was planned before we found out we were pg.

Anyway, I am a massage therapist at the Ritz Carlton, and I make excellent money. I know they don't make nearly as much on the mainland, and am okay with that. My problem is if we did indeed move in January, no one is going to want to hire a MT that is pregnant, especially one that is going to take 2 months off during the busy season (summer). That is why we have considered just staying here until May so I can work and take 3 months off and look for work after that.

Now, to my point ...does anyone have any ideas for a home business that could supplement income if we did indeed move to Bend in January and I could not find work doing massage. I know I could always do private massage practice, but I'm not sure of the market there yet.

Any advice is much appreciated.

MidwifeErika's Avatar MidwifeErika 05:54 PM 10-24-2005
What sorts of things interest you? What do you have experience doing? Do you make crafts? Do you have herbal knowledge? Can you sew diapers? Do tie-dye? There are really sooooo many options, I think it just depends on what interests you the most. You might want to stay in the MT area of work since you have lots of experience, and just advertise yourself strongly once you get to Bend. If you go into private practice, you would have a lot more control over your schedule and such. The whole holistic health field is big out here in OR. We just moved to Portland a few months ago from WI, and it is a huge change as far as how open people are to the holistic health field.
seekermage's Avatar seekermage 01:34 AM 10-25-2005
Are you liscensed to work out of the house? could you try and set up something where you could see a few patients at home? If not massage therapy, what about pampering massages etc? I would also look into a private pratice to try and join, they might be willing to let you work out of the home part time or be flexible in your schedule. My SIL is also a massage therapist and works at a great private pratice that is helping her do some work out of the home and is helping her work part time once her baby comes - working around her schedule. I guess if you have a good enough reference list and recommendations people will be willing to work with you. Is there any way you can see if there is a ritz in the area you are moving to that might hire you on? Cant hurt to try!

Otherwise, there are lots of things you can do! Child care is a good one if you are good at juggling kids. Depending upon your area you can have up to 4 without have a liscence (yours included), that way you can spend your time with your little one as well. Otherwise, there are sales things like pampered chef, partylite, etc. Or if you are crafty you can try your hand at other things. You just have to be willing to do a lot of advertising and a lot of money goes into it without a guarunee....I learned that the hard way! Good luck!
peypeymama's Avatar peypeymama 01:54 AM 10-25-2005
Bend is going through a population boom right now. You shouldn't really have a hard time finding your own clients or getting a job at one of the resorts. Sunriver is very close to Bend... which is a gated town of vacation condos. Lots of hiking, biking, rafting, fishing, etc. After all that hard playing, a body needs a massage.

Oh, and summer is not the high season for Bend, it's winter for all the great skiing.
~Asana Mama~'s Avatar ~Asana Mama~ 05:40 AM 10-25-2005
Thank you so much for all your help.

I am just going to try to relax and take things as they come. A private practice is not something I ever really wanted (I like someone else to wash my sheets) but I know it is probably the ideal situation for me.