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PrairieBohemian's Avatar PrairieBohemian 05:59 PM 03-21-2006
I posted this within a message but I'd love to hear how accurate it is for everyone.

It's worked for me so far!

KnittingKara's Avatar KnittingKara 06:59 PM 03-21-2006
Well, it said girl for Boo (which was correct) and boy for the June Bug (which is what the u/s said) ... guess we'll find out for sure in June
mum2tori's Avatar mum2tori 08:23 PM 03-21-2006
Well, it was "accurate" for all four of mine.

Side note: a friend of mine who IS chinese used that chart before and it was wrong for both of hers.
PrairieBohemian's Avatar PrairieBohemian 11:27 PM 03-21-2006
Be aware that there are some "quicky" charts out there that don't take the mother's LUNAR year into account. I think this chart is showing 80% accuracy from the tests I've ran.

Still interested in more responses!
BundleFishMama's Avatar BundleFishMama 11:41 PM 03-21-2006
Sorry, only worked for me 1 out of 3! Said all 3 of mine should be boys, and only this one is
Helen White's Avatar Helen White 11:50 PM 03-21-2006
Wrong for my first two. It says this one is going to be a girl, so we'll see on the third. (I have a hunch this one is a boy, so it may very well be wrong on all 3 counts!)
MyLittleWonders's Avatar MyLittleWonders 12:09 AM 03-22-2006
Hmm ... it was accurate for my first two (assuming I'm remembering correctly things like conception dates ), and says this one is a girl. We don't know (and I have no inkling really one way or the other), so I'm guessing we'll have to wait until the first of June to find out.
Darcy37's Avatar Darcy37 12:11 AM 03-22-2006
Wrong for last 2 pregnancies
corysmilk's Avatar corysmilk 12:22 AM 03-22-2006
it was right for my frist 2 ds and dd. but it said girl for ds. I know the day because he was the only "planned" one.
ladybugamber's Avatar ladybugamber 12:33 AM 03-22-2006
It was WRONG WRONG WRONG... It said I was having a girl... and I got all excited... since it worked with my aunt on all 7 of her children... however, ultrasound say 100% boy! If this child isn't a boy we are going to have a kid with 3 legs!!!

I wouldn't get my hopes up....
ckhagen's Avatar ckhagen 01:34 AM 03-22-2006
It was wrong for both of mine. Says girls, got boys

Btw... Terra, I love your DSs name
sehbub's Avatar sehbub 11:42 AM 03-22-2006
It says girl, and that's what the u/s said too (and was *very* clear). We'll find out in about 14 weeks!!
SoCaliMommy's Avatar SoCaliMommy 03:42 PM 03-22-2006

Cool it was correct for my daughter being a girl
it was wrong for DS sayin he should be a girl lol we'll find out for sure on monday if the 2-d was wrong since monday i'm having a 3-d but i doubt its wrong since dh saw a good gender pic and the one we got was pretty clear pic

Amys1st's Avatar Amys1st 04:26 PM 03-22-2006
It was 100% correct both times for us.

But I have heard people say that the chart said they were having girls every time and all they have is boys.
Mearaina's Avatar Mearaina 05:19 PM 03-22-2006
It was right for dd1 and wrong for dd2. It says boy for this one, so we'll see!!
Beansmom's Avatar Beansmom 05:28 PM 03-22-2006
It was correct for dd #1. It says this one will be a boy, but ultrasound says it will be a girl.
jentilla's Avatar jentilla 10:25 PM 03-22-2006
I seen some that were correct for dd and said that this baabe is also a girl which is wrong, but this one was wrong BOTH times.
*guest's Avatar *guest 01:01 PM 03-23-2006
Wrong for me. Said boy, but I've seen the goods clearly.
Amys1st's Avatar Amys1st 01:16 PM 03-23-2006
OK- of the 35 times that someone consulted the chart, this very "scientific" calculation I did was based on how many kids people consulted the chart for-
for example if some one posted "For dd1 it was right, for dd2 it was wrong" I put a point on correct and a point on incorrect.

correct-17 times
in correct-18 times

so I guess its an almost 50% chance of being one or the other. Wait a minute- isn't it a chance of 50/50 anyway of boy or girl??

MamaJessD's Avatar MamaJessD 06:16 PM 03-23-2006
According to this, it said i was having a boy, according to the u/s i am having a girl. But my conception date could be off by almost 9 days, and when i used another date in september it said girl.
Jish's Avatar Jish 06:52 PM 03-23-2006
Jumping in from July. I am pregnant with my 4th and with each pregnancy the chart has told me it was a boy. I now have three boys with one more (it's a sure thing) on the way.

I'm like a walking advertisement for the chinese gender chart, though I in no way put any stock in it.
birthdancedoula's Avatar birthdancedoula 04:40 PM 03-24-2006
Originally Posted by mum2tori
Well, it was "accurate" for all four of mine.
Same here. It was right for all 4 of mine. I will say though that I was very skeptical when it said girl this time but even the u/s agreed!
AugustineM's Avatar AugustineM 08:18 PM 03-24-2006
It was correct for this one -- says I'm having a girl and I am.
waiting2exhale's Avatar waiting2exhale 06:20 AM 03-28-2006
Wow, I hope that its not accurate for me. I have already bought all girl stuff and it said that I am going to have a boy... oops... lol.
Keeta's Avatar Keeta 02:51 PM 03-28-2006
It said boy for me, and that's what the u/s said, too!

This is the first of the chinese gender charts that "worked" for me though - usually they say we're having a girl...