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I just realized I posted this on the old previous chat thread, so I started a new one here...

We just got back from our vacation last night. It was both good and bad. We flew to San Juan, Puerto Rico and left there on a South Caribbean cruise. The one thing I learned was that travelling like that at 30 weeks pg was overly ambitious. It seemed like a good idea at the time, months ago, when we booked it but the reality was it was just too hard physically. We had never cruised before, and the shore excursions into the ports were hard. It's really hard to be in the intense tropical sun, with its heat and humidity, when you are this far along. And the taxi rides in those countries are like Mr. Toad's Wild Ride. I tired very easily and had a lot of contractions. I normally have BH's, but I had some that were truly painful and it scared me a little. That and travelling with a toddler along also makes it tough. So, it wasn't super relaxing and the lesson we learned is that we won't travel in the third trimester of pregnancy again!

We did go to some interesting places though. Barbados was the absolute low point - poverty-stricken, dirty, polluted, wouldn't want to go there again - Antigua was nice, but St. Maarten was spectacular and we had a really lovely day there. The Dutch have really made it an amazing destination - good infrastructure, clean, beautiful shopping district, amazing beaches. We decided the next time we want a tropical vacation, we will just go to St. Maarten for a week instead of a cruise. There is much to do and enjoy there.

I did get a combo body scrub/facial/and body massage at the spa on the ship and that was wonderful!!

The baby inside me got the hiccups for the first time the other night - so cute. I had forgotten about that part. He's had them a few times since.

Well, regarding belly buttons... my timer has popped too! My belly is now 40". I got to 43" with ds, so I may have a ways to go. When we were in St. Thomas, this man walking on the opposite side of the street SHOUTED at me across the street, "Hey, you're about to pop!" I'm thinking, "Thanks, pal. That's just what I needed to hear!"
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Glad to hear your vacation went (mostly) well. DH and I took our honeymoon when I was 7 months pregnant with dd because we realized if we delayed it any longer, we'd be going on our 50th wedding anniversary, and it was definitely interesting. We drove and camped our way from CT to Prince Edward Island, spent a week in a luxury cottage, then camped our way back down. Mostly it was the driving that was difficult, because the car seat wasn't very good for my back and I had to pee every five minutes. (Don't you love that?) I'm glad we did it, but I can't imagine doing it that pregnant AND with a toddler.

You made me leap up and get my measuring tape. I realized I hadn't actually measured myself this pregnancy -- I'll be 29 weeks tomorrow and I'm at 43 inches. Holy cow!!! I have been eating a lot more this pregnancy though (well, after the morning sickness went away) and I've been eating a lot more junk food. Weird cravings. I suspect that baby weight that melted away so quickly the first time will be hanging on a bit longer this time around.

Speaking of junk food, I took the glucose tolerance test on Thursday and should get the results at my prenatal on Monday. Did you know you can take a jellybean test instead of drinking that nasty concoction they give you? I was getting my iron tested anyway, which I do want to check up on, and figured I'd get the glucose tolerance test my doctor wanted since I was already getting blood drawn. But the drink they gave me last time made me feel awful and made dd-then-in-utero crazy, plus now that I have a toddler, I wasn't crazy about waiting around at the lab for an hour before getting my blood drawn. So my doctor wrote up an order for 18 Brach No. 150 jellybeans, I ate them at home, and was in and out of the lab in 15 minutes. Woohoo! The jellybean test isn't quite as sensitive, but since I haven't been spilling sugar in my urine tests, don't have any swelling, am not measuring much larger than I should be, and am not craving liquid all the time, I figure I don't need the super sensitive test anyway.

Hope all you mamas are doing well!
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Stacy - glad to hear you had a good trip - I was thinking of you - I hope you'll post belly pix - you're such a lovely mama

I wanted to mention that I got these wonderful layering band things from this site: - it's like a belly band (as I understand them I think) - a tube top that basically goes just under your boobs and down past the belly band of your jeans (when you're wearing maternity).

I plan to use them afterwards as well under my regular tees as a nursing top. They are almost half off right now - so check it out! Also - I did get a few tops and just know that they seem to run really, really small. I'm normally an XL and the 2XL is really tight on me so just an FYI - but I'm a L in the layering band and it's the perfect size so those run a bit small FYI.

What else? Had some BH the other night - had to get out the big ball and bounce - that helped a lot. Otherwise same old, same old - lots of squirming and kicking, but no hiccups yet that I've noticed. My girls always got those right as I was falling asleep and it was a little annoying so I haven't missed them yet

WOHM married to SAHD, living the dream w/our: 3 girls (14,12,10) and 3 boys (7,5,3) and tie-breaker due Jan 2014

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stacy~your trip sounded adventurous! i know i couldn't do it! but the body scrub/massage sounded divine! im glad you enjoyed your trip!

i too am going to run and get my measuring tape and measure! hadn't even thought of it...i'll keep you posted....

i've been having some bh and some are kinda painful, but nothing alarming or consistent. the baby gets hiccups almost everday. i feel them really low, below my belly button. my belly button hasn't popped, but certainly isn't the innie it was. its mostly at a neutral station!

im having the pelvic bone pain and round ligament stretching pain that a poster mentioned on another thread. that hurts!!

ok, off to measure....ok, so if we're measuring at the belly button, im 27wks and 42" YIKES!
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No fair! My belly button is bound and determined to stay an innie. It doesn't look like my timer is... popable!

I had my DA Friday with the glucose test... Geez was that stuff nasty. How can anything give you heartburn and the belches that quickly? It's not natural!

Oh, well. I have to stay at work for another half hour yet. :

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Woohoo! The dr. appt. and doula visit on Monday went GREAT!

No gestational diabetes, my iron count is fine, the baby's growth and heartrate are right on target, and he's head down and along my left side, which is a great position. He's still high and freefloating, so I know that could change, but it was just neat that we can tell head from butt now and to get a confirmation that I was reading his position correctly.

Both dr. and doula are comfortable with a waterbirth if we decide to go that route, and everything on my birth plan was cool with them too.

This is all very good, not just because, well, it's all good, but because I'm at that hormonal place where even minor hitches in the day make me cry and that's really embarassing! So instead I got that nice high flying buzz from having an appointment go well and knowing that everything's falling into place. After a week of Qualia teething and tantruming, the insurance company balking at covering basic medical charges, ants invading our house, me not getting any sleep, etc., that's refreshing.
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Well I flunked my one hour GTT but I knew that would happen. I've been feeling pretty light-headed lately after eating starchy or sugary foods. I have my 3 hour tomorrow morning. Oh joy. I'm thinking I'll prolly flunk that one, too. I already have alot of amniotic fluid and a bigger than average baby for gestation. So I've been trying to eat like a diabetic, and I actually feel a bit better.

My moods lately are terrible...I wake up just madder than mad at everything. I'm in a nesting phase and it's really driving dh crazy. I want to do so many things, but don't have the time or the un-pg bod to do them. Very frustrating. I will be glad when my body isn't being run amok by hormones, but I realize it will be a while before that happens!

I think I'll call my chiro and make an appt for some bone crunching. My whole body feels out of place.

Why did I get pregnant again??

Oh yeah, I love being a mommy!!!
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