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June 2006 > Anyone else have a yo-yo baby?
Satori's Avatar Satori 08:33 PM 05-22-2006
This kid has dropped a couple times and then gone back up high. Yesterday she was really low, I mean I had trouble sitting indian style because my stomach was in the way and I had to pick it up and set it on top of my legs if that makes sense. Today she's not only gone back up but moved transverse this morning then back to head down this afternoon! How in the world is she still so darn mobile!? I laugh when I hear women say "my Dr said baby won't move from breech at 30 something weeks" cause I'm 37w and this kid is all over!

cymbeline's Avatar cymbeline 09:07 PM 05-22-2006
I call her my floater because she "floats" in and out of my pelvis!

I worried about that last time because my little man wouldn't engage, even my mw was freaked out. Turns out I have nice, flexible pelvic ligaments which allow the baby to peek in and out as desired
katiejon1's Avatar katiejon1 09:22 PM 05-22-2006
I have a yo yo too! This little one is all over. I was really worried b/c at my last appt. my m/w said she's breech and if she doesn't turn, then automatic c-sec. But, she has been every which way since then. She was sideways this morning and now she's breech again, I think. I'm not really sure b/c I'm having trouble telling which end is which!