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I've been spending so much time complaining about the BH ctxns, the pelvic dystocia, the sciatica, having to pee every ten minutes, having no appetite, having too much of an appetite, feeling nauseaus, feeling tired, having insomnia, having no patience, having allergies, and PUPPPS, and interstitial cystitis... I decided I really need to start practicing an attitude of gratitude!

So, here goes:

- Our new king-sized mattress arrives tomorrow. Hooray for having enough room to family bed with all 5!

- I have a freezer FULL TO THE BRIM with food for before/during/after the baby arrives.

- Both my kids have been coping with a grumpy, immobile mama SO well, they both rock.

- My hublet has been a knight in shining armour, arranging for sitter care in the afternoons so I can have a break and getting me anything I need when he is here so I can rest on the couch or in bed. He is da man.

- My mw this time around is comfortable with waterbirthing, something I had wanted to do with both my previous labors. Knock on wood that we'll be able to get the tub set up quickly!

- Everything is pretty much ready, from the birth kit to the towels and linens to all of Ellie's clothes and diapers folded and on the shelves. I think the only thing missing is a nice, big bottle of Recharge for during/after!

- I was actually down two pounds at my last visit on Tuesday! Sounds silly, but I was about to tip the scales over both my last two pregnancies and I wasn't feeling very happy about that. I feel a little bit more energy without those two lbs, LOL

- I had an incredible baby shower and feel so blessed to have a support system here in town of loving friends.

- I am so grateful for MDC! Being in bed these last few weeks has made me a compulsive refresher, and there's always some interesting conversation happening here!

Mom to : DS1 (11), DS2 (8), DD3 (4), : DS4 (1), and : : :
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1. JAH. For blessing us with another beautiful child.

2. My health and Baby's health. (My whole family's health actually!)

3. How awesome my DD has been since mama can't do everything she would like me to do.

4. My DH. He's been so awesome through this entire pg.

5. My ability to buy all organic food to nourish baby with.

6. Everything that I have or what ppl have gotten for us. We have more than most!

7. The HUGE support we receive from family and friends.

8. Our ability to have a homebirth/mw for this dc.

And the list goes on........
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That I did not have a hard time trying to conceive.
That I am almost to term, so my baby will not be a premie, most likely.
That I have a good man for a husband.
That I have family that help me out.
That my kids will have the age difference that they will have.
That I have a lot more knowledge and insight this time around.
That I have MDC this time around.
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What a great thread...I got tears in my eyes reading because it is so refreshing to hear postive statements, since here at the end there seems to be so much focus on the negative aspects of pregnancy.

Here goes:

~The fact that I am pregnant, so many women can't or don't experience this miracle at all.

~My DH...so grateful to be married to a man that I love and adore, trust and admire and who supports me 100% in everything I do.

~DS who drives me crazy but is the light of my life.

~The fact that I live in a comfortable home with a great big back yard, have a reliable car to drive and never have to worry about where our grocery money will come from. I feel so blessed for the comforts of my life.

~My Mom the midwife who helps me keep my head in the right place during this time of my life. And my Dad who helps enormously with my DS when I am at work.

~Girlfriends to laugh and cry with, to vent to and to trust my heart with.

Okay, if I write any more I'm going to start sobbing...that's enough for now!

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-I am grateful for my family. I have a wonderful husband and 2 beautiful children outside my womb and one pretty sweet one inside my womb.

-I am grateful for a nice home to raise my children, food to feed them, and a nice town for them to grow up in

-I am grateful for these last few days I have to give my 2 children lots and lots of attention before our lives change again in a rather dramatic way

-I am grateful for each little kick and hiccup (even when it is to the bladder), I sometimes will curse about it when they hurt, but I am still very grateful to feel it

-All the things I complain about, I am also grateful for. Without those things, this wouldn't be my life and my life is pretty darn good. I am currently with these discomforts because I get the joy of having a child growing inside me, and that is pretty darn special. So, I complain about them, but I am thankful for them too.

Erika, mama to three beautiful kids (plus one gestating), and wife to one fantastic man.

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I am grateful for the Quick Trip up the street Those donuts that I got there this morning hit the spot.:
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My baby

My DH,poor guy, i know i am making him crazy with all my whining and complaining,

My mom and dad

My brother and sisters

The fact that Bush has less then 3 years in office(I am so sorry, he just ...)
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i like this thread .

i am grateful for:

1. a healthy pregnancy... well, im still horribly nauseous but i figure thats small potatoes compared to some of the major health issues that other women go through in pregnancy.

2. my family, i love them especially my husband and my mom. i love how much everyone wants this baby... im grateful that he is going to be born into such a loving family.

3. my dog... he is the best dog ever. we had a baby shower full of small children and he was sooo good, gently accepting toys from the one year old, playing fetch with the two and a half year old... one of the bigger kids fell completely on top of him and he just wagged and licked the kid's face. my dog is going to be an excellent big doggy brother.

4. the sunshine!!! its been beautiful outside, and my husband and i have been taking going to the beach every chance we get. im really happy to have a chance to spend some time, just the two of us, before the baby comes.

5. watermellon. lol, i eat a whole one every two days or so. what a delicious, perfect fruit. im also grateful that organic strawberries have arrived at the stores. grateful for fruit!!!
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My growing family.
Our health.
The food we eat.
The love we have.
Thehome we have made.
The fact that even when I think really hard, I can't think of much more that I really WANT out of my life. life is pretty sweet.

The fact that Bush has less then 3 years in office(I am so sorry, he just ...)

I am grateful for the Quick Trip up the street Those donuts that I got there this morning hit the spot
gosh that sounds good!

  homeschooling, earth loving Mama to 3 crazy, wonderful boys, ages 10 & 7, & 3 mos.,3 spirit babies                                Inch by inch, row by row.  Gonna make this garden grow  
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My faith in Life/Universe/God(dess) and, of course, my family.

Syrinx, Soulmate to Pan, Mama to Zion (5), River (3), Silver (1) and expecting a baby Storm...
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How awesome... my first thought was "wo is me, I have nothing to be thankful for." How sad! Of course I do:

~The women from Church who've been bringing me meals while I'm on bedrest and who have taken the time to talk to me and really listen and who are always there to cry with me and always have endless hugs to offer.

~My dd who is so amazing, always sweet and nurturing... sometimes I feel like she's more of the mom than I am! She's been amazing while I've been stuck in bed.

~My dd and my (soon to arrive) ds who are both such strong, beautiful spirits.

~DH who is so excited about this baby (his first) and who I know will be so helpful when the baby comes... not like when I had dd and was alone most of the time.

~That summer is almost here and the Seattle rain has had a few sun breaks. I NEED the sun and we don't see much of it here!

~My inlaws who are so supportive of us and treat us like adults and who didn't blink twice when they found out what a crunchy mom I was, and that I had converted their son! (Even though they're pretty mainstream themselves.)

~My older sister who, even though she wants her own family more than anything, has been so awesome and supportive and loves my babies like they're her own, but still knows when to back away. She's never showed jelousy, in fact, she's been far more excited about my marriage and pregnancies than I was!

~The people in my life who believe in me and insist that I'm strong, even when I feel like a total failure.

~That I've kept this baby in long enough I am now free to have my homebirth! Horay!

Holly, eternally in love partners.gif with Kolby, Raising Juelie Anise (10y), Behnjamin Shen (6y), and Coen Syaoran (4y). Expecting June 2013 2ndtri.gif

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I'm grateful for this wonderful pregnancy. It was a long road to us getting pregnant so I am grateful for every pain, kick and sleepless night.
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