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Satori's Avatar Satori 02:26 PM 05-28-2006
Anyone want to give me there opinion? I posted over in B&B http://www.mothering.com/discussions...29#post5222029

MidwifeErika's Avatar MidwifeErika 02:38 PM 05-28-2006
Boy, I am not sure. So, I would treat your body for now like it was your water that broke.... keep clean, wipe front to back, and keep everything out of your vagina.
Caroline248's Avatar Caroline248 03:16 PM 05-28-2006
If that CD worked like that, I WANT IT IN TWO WEEKS!!!

Sounds like I would have no clue...I would be obsessing all day....

grace's voice's Avatar grace's voice 04:40 PM 05-28-2006
That is a tough one, my guess is that it was your waters, considering you had wet underpants when you woke up the second time and you're still leaking a bit.
Satori's Avatar Satori 05:16 PM 05-28-2006
Well, I was still so tired I just took a 2 hour or so nap and thankfully dd was happy to watch TV snuggled up to me. I've felt minor things but i'm not at all uncomfy, I do start contracting as soon as I get up but thats been going on all week thanks to prodomal labor. Baby has been moving good so no worrys there and no more leaking since I got up from my nap but i've only been up a couple minutes. Baby still feels really low. If we don't have a baby by tomorrow i'll go get checked though possibly sooner if I develop a fever.
AugustineM's Avatar AugustineM 05:30 PM 05-28-2006
I think if it was your waters you'd be feeling some leaking off and on. That's how it was when mine broke. Lots of leaking... but maybe that can be different for everyone.
PrairieBohemian's Avatar PrairieBohemian 09:47 PM 05-28-2006
sounds a lot like the leaking I had with my first birth...I heard leaks can "patch" themselves if its not time yet.

keep us updated!
Satori's Avatar Satori 11:44 PM 05-28-2006
Well, still leaking here, going on pair of panties #4, popcorn smell is gone
eco_mama's Avatar eco_mama 12:45 AM 05-29-2006

Satori's Avatar Satori 01:09 AM 05-29-2006
Well ladies, I'm off to the hospital. I'm running a low grade fever, BP is up, nasty headache for over an hour, chem strip shows severe dehydration despite my drinking a lot, heavy ketones, protein is 1+ and I appear to have gained 7lbs today and my legs are pitting pretty good. I had severe pre-e/hellp last time that came on suddenly so I'm not taking any chances. I'll have someone post for me if I end up delivering tonight.
eco_mama's Avatar eco_mama 01:14 AM 05-29-2006
Hope all goes well!!!! Here's to a fast and safe labor!!!
Jenivere's Avatar Jenivere 01:22 AM 05-29-2006
Good luck!
birthdancedoula's Avatar birthdancedoula 01:41 AM 05-29-2006
~*~Easy labor vibes~*~ comin' your way, mama!!
Satori's Avatar Satori 06:41 AM 05-29-2006
Well, 5 hours later I'm home Turns out I have a raging UTI and the leaking is urine: I drank a ton of water on the way and that solved the headache and my BP was back to normal by the time I got there. At least this time my contractions were showing up nice and strong on the monitor but no chance of baby tonight, she's -2, and everything is long, firm and closed up tight and "I have the most posterior cervix the OB's ever seen" Not what I want to hear after 7 days of contractions!
Caroline248's Avatar Caroline248 10:31 AM 05-29-2006
Well, I am thankful you are ok, but sorry there is nothing going on. Take care of yourself!!

mochimama's Avatar mochimama 10:43 AM 05-29-2006
What a bummer Satori! UTIs are no fun--hope you get better soon and the baby comes out quickly and easily when it's time!
tsume's Avatar tsume 12:06 PM 05-29-2006
Satori - I'm so sorry it was just a yucky UTI! I hope that clears up soon and you'll be holding your wee one in no time!