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mum2tori's Avatar mum2tori 06:57 PM 07-14-2006
*cross posted with July DDC*

Well, I'd hoped to avoid a 4th of July delivery but she just wasn't having it.

Grace Isabel was born at 8:12pm on the 4th of July.
7 pounds 4 oz (my smallest baby yet!)
18.5 inches

Here's a picture of her less than a few minutes old.

She looks sooo much like DS#2 did at birth, in fact they both have the same birth mark between their eyes and forehead.

She'd lost some weight at the hospital down to 6 pounds 8oz (at release) but she was already up to 7 pounds 10 oz at 8 days old!! Once my milk finally comes in... it comes in!! She's been nursing like a champ, in fact she'd latched on with gusto at only a few minutes old. The nurses were so impressed.

papayapetunia's Avatar papayapetunia 07:26 PM 07-14-2006
eco_mama's Avatar eco_mama 08:07 PM 07-14-2006
The4OfUs's Avatar The4OfUs 09:23 PM 07-14-2006
fireant's Avatar fireant 10:01 PM 07-14-2006
Congrats! She's darling!
Caroline248's Avatar Caroline248 12:18 AM 07-15-2006
Oh, she is adorable! Congrats to another Sept '04 mama!!

SoCaliMommy's Avatar SoCaliMommy 01:38 AM 07-15-2006

Congrats she is so cute

mommy2girlies's Avatar mommy2girlies 02:23 AM 07-15-2006
Wow, fireworks just for her!! Welcome little one and Congrats mama!!!
chiromama's Avatar chiromama 02:59 AM 07-15-2006
yeah!! welcome Grace!
OwensMa's Avatar OwensMa 04:40 AM 07-15-2006
grace's voice's Avatar grace's voice 02:05 PM 07-15-2006
She's adorable, congrats!
medicmama's Avatar medicmama 04:08 PM 07-20-2006
Congrats! I love har name!