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yaM yaM's Avatar yaM yaM 03:16 AM 08-15-2009
I think I remember reading that it is ok but want to make sure. One of our cats had yet another fight and ended up with a bite wound. I have been flushing it with warm salt water several times daily but want to do something else for it, too.


Nicole915's Avatar Nicole915 12:34 PM 08-15-2009
Good Morning.

I don't have a tube in front of me, so take this with a bit of salt. Neosporin is bacitracin, neomycin, and polymyxin B. These are all feline safe. However, the bits that make the medicine stable as a gel can be very unpleasant for the cat. If the bite is on the neck or face where the cat won't directly ingest, you should be fine. Just watch for signs of a foamy lip or lots of drinking, this means the cat got some on his tongue and thinks it tastes awful. A warm compress for 10 min two to three times daily can do a lot to help the wound. Please also be aware that salt water flush can impede healing, depending on osmotic properties.

The issue with cat bites is that they go so deep that a topical abx really won't touch the deep infection. For that, you'll need an oral antibiotic. If cost is an issue, many human side pharmacies now have free or very low cost antibiotics. You may be able to skate by with just a quick office call and a paper prescription.

Here is a link to the handout we give for our clients. Be warned, there are photos, so you might want to put your coffee down if you're squeamish.

(*I'm not your vet, and this isn't medical advice*)
yaM yaM's Avatar yaM yaM 05:52 PM 08-15-2009
Thank you for your response, Nicole. I think I'll try doing the warm compresses for a couple of days. Why is it that the salt water can impede healing? I want to stay away from antibiotics mainly because I don't want to use them unless absolutely necessary, just like with my children.

Our kitty's bite wound seems to be shallower but wider than the ones in the photos on your handout. Though I'm not sure how long it was on him before we found it -- it came as quite a surprise and may have been there for a couple of days before we noticed. It seems to be healing alright but is going slowly. It hasn't smelled at all so far but it has been draining fluids and is not really closing up much yet.