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Heavenly's Avatar Heavenly 02:30 PM 11-05-2010
Okay, I've had my dog (Titus, a pug) since he was 8 weeks old and he is 14 weeks old today. The last couple of weeks he's been doing really good with the house training. He has only had 3 accidents in the last week. We are using the bells, which are hanging on the sliding door to the backyard. Up until now I have been going out with him every time and taking him out on a leash. He is always taken to the same area. Now it is snowing and gross and it's killing my fibro to go out in the cold so much so I was wondering if any of the pet experienced here thing that it's okay for me to just open the door and send him out when he dings to go. We have a fully fenced backyard and he can't get into trouble. The only potential problem I can see if not knowing if he has gone but I guess I would find that out pretty quickly if he started going on the floor again. I know my mom never stood outside with a dog while it went potty so I am wondering is 3.5 months is old enough to just send him on his own?

Doodlebugsmom's Avatar Doodlebugsmom 03:53 PM 11-05-2010
If he's still having accidents in the house, I probably wouldn't. That said, I don't have fibro, so I can't really say whether or not you should. I guess you don't have a window to watch him from to see if he goes? If so, I think I would try that. Either way, I don't think it will hurt to try it. Especially if it's affecting your physical health.

Our pup is 7 months and hasn't had an accident since August. I JUST started sending her out to potty on her own. I started with going onto the deck with her and telling her "go potty." She would run down into the yard and go potty, and I would praise her. Now she goes to the back door when she needs to potty, I open the door and say "go potty." Seems to be working. She likes to hang out in the yard for a while if the weather's nice, or she'll lay on the deck with a toy. When she wants to come in, she barks one time. I go to the door and she's sitting right there, polite as can be. Cutest thing ever!
tinuviel_k's Avatar tinuviel_k 04:26 PM 11-05-2010
I agree: If possible I wouldn't send out a dog by himself it he was still having any accidents in the house. I'd want to be 100% certain he had gone, especially if the weather is yucky and the pup isn't excited to be out there in the first place. However, if it is effecting your health you might just need to send him out there, hope for the best, and be resigned that it might take a little longer to potty train. There is nothing wrong with that!

My pup is 19 weeks old now. I think she had her last accident in the house when she was 11 weeks old. I have just started sending her out to do her business by herself every so often in the last couple of weeks, and even then I stand watch at the door and make sure she has actually gone. If it is raining hard I still need to walk out with her because she is very reluctant to go by herself when it is pouring. And sometimes she just gets distracted (squirrels, leaves, a noise...) so I have to go out there anyway.

To make it as easy on myself as possible I have hung my floor-length heavy raincoat by the back door along with a leash and a rain hat. I keep my Bogs waterproof slip-on boots (super warm) right there by the door, too. That way I can just slip everything on in 10 seconds and go out with the pup, warm and dry.
Mirzam's Avatar Mirzam 05:21 PM 11-05-2010
I send Oscar (16 weeks) out to pee by himself, and have for a while. He has had one accident since he was 11 weeks old, a fluke thing. He goes on command, I say "outside", open the door, and let him out, if he seems reluctant to go, gets distracted etc, my next command is "wee wee" (don't laugh), and he pees on command. The weather is still nice here, so I often let him play outside for a bit, I either leave the door open for him to come back in when he is ready, or he will knock on the closed door to come inside. Oscar also isn't the least be bothered about the rain, not that we get that much, but we could have snow next week, which will be interesting for him.
Arduinna's Avatar Arduinna 05:27 PM 11-05-2010
LOL Our pug is 7 years old and if it's raining he won't go outside unless someone goes with him. He looks out the door and then sits down LOL. If you go with him, he will go too. And really 14 weeks is pretty young to be out in the snow alone. Now if it's a normal clear day he will trot outside and do his thing no problem.
Heavenly's Avatar Heavenly 09:56 PM 11-05-2010
Yeah, it didn't work. I tried putting him out once by himself but he just cried at the door to be let back in and then he proceeded to have THREE pee accidents on my floor in a span of a few hours. I guess he showed me!
Mirzam's Avatar Mirzam 12:01 AM 11-06-2010
Oh well you tried.
Arduinna's Avatar Arduinna 11:53 AM 11-06-2010
LOL typical pug