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I have the opportunity to get a one year old bullmastiff that is not being taken care of. I currently have 2 male boxers that are the perfect lap dogs not aggressive great with our 3 kids. We have the room and the love to give to another dog he's not abused the owner lost her rental and someone is keeping him for her in a very small caged back yard.
Just wondering of any ideas is it a good idea to integrate him into our home or let him go to the pound? Any personal experience with these dogs with other dogs and children(that know to respect other dogs) ??

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I have a friend who loves bull mastiffs--she has had a few and the two that I have been around have been extremely gentle and easy to get along with. They haven't had any problems with other dogs being introduced to the family. There are three children in that house along with a variety of other pets.

That being said, my friend is particular about them. There are various types of bull mastiffs and certain ones are more difficult than others. If I were you, I would find out specifically which type he is. I would also see if you could schedule a "meet and greet" with it and your other dogs. Also, see how it reacts with your kids before making a decision.


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We have a mastiff mix. He's gentle and loving, but huge and stupid and goofy. He's also part St. Bernard, so I'm sure that factors into his temperament.

I used to baby-sit for a family bred bull mastiffs. Their adult dogs were very mild and sweet. But.... They bred them to be that way, and only chose to keep on the ones that fit all the desirable traits. I've heard very different things about some other mastiffs.
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I have a 16 week old English Mastiff puppy and he is a real sweet heart. Obviously he is just a puppy, but as puppies go he has been very easy so far. He is extremely friendly and it seems he will likely have a very sweet temperament. He is smart, but can be very stubborn though. I understand that bullmastiffs were a cross of 40% Old English bulldog and 60% English Mastiff, and tend to be a more dominant breed than the English Mastiff. They should be well socialized. I believe they are generally good with other dogs, gentle giants! Is he neutered yet?

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