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jennlyn's Avatar jennlyn 05:54 AM 12-02-2010

We haven't yet put up a tree, but clue me in as to whether this is going to be disasterous.  I know no tinsel.  We usually get a real tree, but do most cats climb the tree, try to pull it down, etc.?  Cat is about a year and a half old. 

lonegirl's Avatar lonegirl 06:57 AM 12-02-2010

I have had many cats through the years.  Currently I have 2 cats.  My older girl (14) loves the Christmas tree.  One year she knocked it over trying to climb it.  From that point on I have tied the tree (artificial) to the window ledge. She doesn't climb it anymore but she loves to hide under it amongst the presents and rub on the branches.  Here she is under my little tree.  She especially loves our big tree.  lol  IMG_4822.JPG

plantnerd's Avatar plantnerd 08:05 AM 12-08-2010

Kittens will wreak havoc on a tree.  Older cats will screw with it a little, but are generally not destructive.  Be very careful about ribbons though, skip them all together if you can, or put them on at the last minute.  I would also avoid tinsel as they might like to eat it and it can cause intestinal blockages.

kythe's Avatar kythe 08:28 AM 12-08-2010

We have two 7 month old kittens and a fake tree I have used for a few years now.  We only put up the tree a few days ago and the cats have already knocked it down 3 times trying to climb it!  They also play with the ornaments.  My kids think its funny and have set themselves to "guard" the tree when they are home. 


It may not really end up as a "problem" since the whole situation seems to provide hours of entertainment for the whole family.  shrug.gif  I'm just keeping valuable and sentimental ornaments off the tree this year.


Lonegirl, I love your picture.  Because you can't see the base, it looks like your cat is holding up the tree. :)

philomom's Avatar philomom 09:34 AM 12-08-2010

A friend of mine resorted to putting holly boughs all around the base of the tree. The cats are sulking but now they stay away. I don't this idea would work if your kids are little, though.

jessemoon's Avatar jessemoon 09:49 AM 12-08-2010

Our cat has never bothered our tree (except to gently bat a low-hanging ornament or two), but last year our puppy got himself tangled in the lights and nearly died!  It was horrible.

Lauren82's Avatar Lauren82 09:56 AM 12-08-2010

Our cats (we have 4) will destroy a tree in no time at all. This year we are trying something called SSSCAT. It's basically a can of compressed air with a motion sensor on the top and when the cats come near, it lets out a loud puff of air to scare them away.


If you search SSSCAT on youtube, there are many video clips showing how this works and it seems to work well.

lucyem's Avatar lucyem 07:32 AM 12-09-2010

Totally depends on the cat and more likely with younger cats.  I grew up with a lot of very active smart siamese cats.   We never used tinsel or ribbons or anything a cat might eat or chew on.  What they could chew on depended on the cat.  Sometimes feathers, sometimes plastic and sometimes wires.   The years we had the wire eating cat we skipped lights altogether.  We never hung up anything sentimental or breakable if we had a cat at the time who did climb the trees.  Once we had a tiny cat who would climb up and hang out in the tree but never touched or broke anything.  We made sure the tree was always set in a very sturdy metal tree stand to limit any possible tipping.  Presently I have 2 cats and a fake tree which by the way it is designed makes it almost impossible for them to try and climb so no problems from the cats.  The dogs and kids on the other hand are more of a problem and generally we only put up lights these days.  My mom has 2 cats, one of whom will throw herself at the tree so no tree this year for my mom.

2xy's Avatar 2xy 07:48 AM 12-09-2010

I've had several cats over the years and very few problems with trees. No tinsel/ribbon is my major rule. I try to put especially shiny ornaments higher up, because certain cats who shall remain nameless do appreciate batting them off the tree.


Actually, I've had a couple of cats who like to eat the needles, then throw up. Of course the vomit would have to happen on the tree skirt.

plantnerd's Avatar plantnerd 11:28 AM 12-09-2010

Ah, also, if you have a natural tree they will drink the water, so no additives, and check the water a lot more often so your tree doesn't dry out.

~adorkable~'s Avatar ~adorkable~ 11:31 AM 12-09-2010

that picture is awesome, it looks like he is holding the tree up and none to amused by it, very very cute.


my cat loves our tree always has, sleeps under it from the moment it goes up. bats are pulls on the bottom ornaments. so we always leave him a nice spot to make a bed and the bottom ornaments are all unbreakable and most are glued into their tops so he can bat away all day and not knock them loose (i still leave a few loose he loves them, and never really plays with toys the rest of the year so its fun to watch.

mine does not climb but doesn't climb anything so that is a cat to cat thing, if your cat goes outdoors and climbs trees, they might probably climb this one, if they are scratching post climbers they will probably think this is the best post ever!