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Pumpkin_Pie's Avatar Pumpkin_Pie 04:31 PM 01-19-2011

He is coming home on Friday and will be our forever love bug!  He is a big smushy ball of kitty love.  He is so mellow and sweet and just an absolute love.  We spent about an hour with him at our local humane society today and he is about 5 years old, and had cancer on one of his back legs and had to have it amputated.  He is recovering beautifully, and jumps and runs and plays like he still has all four legs.  He is jet black and purrs like a machine, loves to be picked up and is as playful as a kitten.  When we left his room, he stood at the door and MEOWED so loudly and so pitifully.  I can't wait to go get him on Friday!!!


new kitty.jpg

oiseau's Avatar oiseau 05:09 PM 01-19-2011

Aww! He sounds like a sweetie! We adopted 2 5yr old black sister cats a couple years ago and we LOVE them! Have lots of fun with your new kitty!!

Amylcd's Avatar Amylcd 05:13 PM 01-19-2011

Very cute!

librarygirl's Avatar librarygirl 01:44 PM 01-20-2011

Oh! So cute. He looks just like my Mr Darcy, who is also a jet black, super-playful, sweet-as-can-be, loves-to-be-snuggled purring machine. If he's anything like my boy, you are in for a real treat.


And the kid is pretty darn cute, too! :)

tonttu's Avatar tonttu 01:59 PM 01-26-2011

Oh , that could be my Kelly´s twin love.gif

Honestly , black cats make the best pets , love ém , love ém , love ém

KatWrangler's Avatar KatWrangler 05:36 PM 01-26-2011