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amcal's Avatar amcal 02:00 PM 02-27-2011
We have an almost 1yo chihuahua and I've realize over the last few months that he's eating more and more "people" food and less and less of his dry dog food. I'm only filling his dog bowl every few days a his point.

He's getting healthy food - for example, I just made a recipe that called for egg whites so, he got the yolks. I eat an apple every day and share it with him. Whatever veggies I'm cutting up, he gets some - typically sweet potatoes, cucumbers, carrots, turnips etc... If I'm cooking meat, he goes nuts and so, I'll give him pieces - typically raw.

Yes, I know, he has me very well trained. Darn dog is just so cute!

We never give him junk food of any kind - no bread, crackers, cookies etc...other than popcorn - he's a complete popcorn-aholic.

So, I know there are people who feed raw or make their own food and I'm sure those people have researched nutrition. We're just sort if feeding whatever we are having.

Is this a really bad idea as far as nutrition goes? I'm not really worried about behaviorally as we don't mind the begging. Im more concerned that the bulk of his food is coming from what I hand feed him so, is he missing out on some important nutrition in the dog food?

Arduinna's Avatar Arduinna 03:47 PM 02-27-2011

Are you feeding him any raw bones? I'd be concerned about lack of minerals. It also sounds like he is getting much more veggies than would be part of a dogs natural diet.

amcal's Avatar amcal 04:44 PM 02-27-2011
I do feed raw bones - usually one or two a week.

He gets an ounce or two of protein most days. Today it was egg yolks but usually, I'm cutting off pieces of whatever meat I'm making to give him.

He's only 7 lbs so, he doesn't eat much anyway but today he's had a few bites of apple, a couple raw zucchini "chips", 2 pieces of diced purple potato, one baby carrot, a couple frozen green beans and 3 raw egg yolks. I have some raw soup bones that I was going to give him tonight.
Arduinna's Avatar Arduinna 07:00 PM 02-27-2011

Right, I forgot how small he is. My smallest dog is a pug and 20 pounds. For bones, I mean ones he can actually completely consume, not soup bones. Like chicken backs, wings. Hopefully someone with one of the smaller jawed toy breeds that feeds raw will come in, because I'm not sure what other bones are consumable for yours.  My pug eats thighs no problem but he has a much bigger jaw and throat.


If you have a meat grinder, you can grind up the softer bones with the meat and feed that way. We have a puppy that dh is doing that for right now.

LeahBoo's Avatar LeahBoo 08:29 PM 02-27-2011

That's the best way to feed them, in my opinion.  Dog food is a brand new invention, whereas dogs have been kept for a very long time before that.  Keep it up, I say.  

greenmagick's Avatar greenmagick 09:57 AM 02-28-2011

As long as he gets mostly meat from a variety of sources, bones and some organs, it should be ok.  I would try and make sure the veggies arent filling him up to make sure he is getting enough meat as veggies and fruits are really mostly fillers.


And FWIW, one of the reasons free feeding is not recommended, it tends to make picky eaters.  Because its always available the dog will often not eat as much if its not a food they really really like.  If you need to go back to kibble at some point, do scheduled feedings and set a time limit that it is available for

fresh_veggie's Avatar fresh_veggie 02:13 PM 03-01-2011

This thread is for greyhounds, but a wealth of information and can still be applied to your little one :)  make sure you never feed hard bones or cooked bones.  Beef bones can cause tooth fractures.