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Anyone else gone through this? I had DS2 2 weeks ago so this may just be postpartum issues. all he does is annoy me. seriously I want to beat him (haven't, but have wanted to)


In truth he is a very good dog, listens well, is great with the kids non domineering, isn't destructive at all. he is well bred and beautiful. (he's a standard poodle)


everything annoys me, he has a lot of energy so he walks around constantly in the house, he is affectionate, which annoys me, and he's taken to whining and yelping while in the crate which has endeared us to the neighbors. I want to get rid of him, but I'm afraid I'll regret it. You couldn't ask for a better dog, but I'm wondering if I really even want any pets anymore...


We gave my other dog Toby to my parents so Dakota would be easier to care for (taking walks and stuff) but now I'm not really missing toby either....



sigh....what do you all think?



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Oh my goodness! It's been six months+ since E was born and my dog still continues to drive me crazy! He refuses to lay down, he has to be walked/fed/played with every day.. multiple times.. He doesn't clean up after himself.. He gives me puppy dog eyes when I finally get to sit down at the end of the day...  on and on and on!!  I totally understand where you're coming from!

Just now I can see that he's getting interested in E. He'll try to lay down near her, he comes over and sniffs her, he wants to get in the tub with her.. but the killer is that she LOVES him already! She smiles and laughs when she sees him, she's trying to say dog already, and she can identify where he is in the room every time!  I can see that they will have a great relationship, it just seems so far off some days! 


I'm sorry it's hard. Can you ask someone else to walk your dog at least once a day for a break? Also, is he bored in the crate? My dog LOVES his crate, but he feels left out when he's there (by his choice) sometimes, I think. We've ended up buying him more chewy toys and bones and such to give him something to do.

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make your DH take him for walks! A lot of walks or a good strong walk. He sounds like he needs exercise, my dog has too much energy and she NEEDS to run RUN RUN RUN every single day or she is a total PITA. 
You sound like a new mama who is stressed and tired. I know exactly how you feel. I walked in the door from the hospital after DD was born and announced to DH that we needed to get rid of our ferrets immediately. I cried and calmed down but they were actually gone 2 weeks later. 


Why is your dog in the crate when you are in the house? Or did I misread that? I can totally understand why he would be barking in his crate if you are in the house still, my dog does the same thing right before we leave. We never leave her in the crate while we are home though, she would freak out the entire time. 

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Your dog sounds really great. Since you are only 2 weeks PP I'd guess that you are sleep deprived, have fluctuating hormones, and are overwhelmed in general. Hang in there! It will get better.
Would it be possible for your dog to visit a dog daycare two or three times a week? It would give you a break and would wear out your dog on a regular basis. And on the off days have your partner take him on at least a couple walks a day.
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I know , how you feel , after having my baby , everything seemed to annoy me and everyone , I was sooo cranky and short-tempered , heck I was even annoyed with myself sometimes orngbiggrin.gif

But I promise you , it´ll get better ! You said , your parents took your other dog ? Would it be an option , for them to take this one in as well , just until you have settled into your new-baby routine ?

Or maybe , there is a nice dog-crazy teenager in your neighbourhood , who would love to come by and play with the dog or take it for walks ?

The thing is , the dog was probably used to getting your attention a lot  more , before baby arrived and he wants that same attention and just like a little kid , he will try to get it , even if it´s by whining and following you around .

I agree with Lauren , get somebody to take him out and spend time with him , a tired dog is a happy dog and that in turn will make you happy as well , if all he does , when he gets home , is collapse on the carpet and start snoring

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tonttu is so right "a tired dog is a happy dog" is one of the most true statements I have learned from a lifetime of family breeding dogs and owning them. The more tired the happier YOU are!!


Like PPs said just give it a little time, you are ONLY 2 weeks postpartum. You are going to be super stressed until you figure out a daily rhythm. Oh and just something to think about in the future. 


DD absolutely adores our dog, DD is 21 months in a few days and the first thing she does in the morning when she wakes up is ask for Billie (our dog)...She gets so excited to see her buddy and they are so cute interacting together. I wouldn't trade that for anything, it makes DD so happy and that makes me happy. As your LO gets older having a dog could be a wonderful thing for the whole family. It is just hard to get over the new baby post partum period. This is from someone who definitely had PPD and didn't do anything about it just suffered through until it passed.

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I actually know how you feel. I started a thread here a couple months ago as a matter of fact with very similar theme. I think it is a postpartum, overwhelmed, touched-out things.

My baby is now 9 months old and the dog and her are a team. When there's one, there's the other. The dog insists on sleeping right beside her (tiny dog), laying beside her as she's playing, she sits under the swing or high chair, runs when she wakes up from her nap, etc, etc. And dd just adores her! I believe she got the first real laugh out of her.

If you say the dog is so nice, I'd try to stick with it for a couple of more weeks and see how you feel about it. Hormones make us do crazy things!

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I know exactly how you feel! my LO is a little over 6months now and I have felt that way about the family dog since I was 5months pregnant. I dont know why either..its just something that came out of the blue that I figured would eventually go away. welp it didnt. Everything this dog does annoys the piss outta me and im not sure why. Shes a great dog, listens when you tell her to do something and is great with the LO but for some reason it doesnt matter to me..no matter what she does she just gets under my skin. Before reading this I thought i was the only one out there that felt this way. And to be honest it made me feel pretty guilty. Its good to know that feelings like this are I guess normal in a way. I hope feeling like this goes away soon though

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Yes, I was really irritated with our two dogs right after DD was born. I wasn't getting much sleep, breastfeeding was a disaster, things weren't getting done around the house. The last thing I wanted was to give them attention! I can't recall when it got better, but the dogs were very patient with our adjustment. Once I could walk comfortably, could bring DD on walks and to let the dogs outside on my own, and things got a little more under control everything seemed less awful. Just give it some time.

Does your dog like his food or treats? I would get 2-3 of those food dispensing toys (choose depending on his chewing strength) and either put treats in there or even feed him his regular meals from it. It will keep him entertained and he won't feel quite so bored.

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