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bleepbleep's Avatar bleepbleep 06:30 AM 06-05-2011

I tried to add a comment to the thread about the violent cat. It IS the law  in Ga that your cats must be in your yard or in your house. We moved to a new house and immediately my cats began getting attacked on our own porch. They are so terrified they won't leave the porch at all to go out and enjoy our fenced in 2 acres . Yesterday we saw the cat attacking my cat violently and fur and cat crap were all over the porch the furniture had been moved around as well. We have tried to catch this cat, talk to the neighbor, and nothing works,no one cares. When we get the opportunity we are going to kill it. I have shot it several times with a bebe gun but NOTHING will make it stop. If it comes in our yard and we can, we will kill it next time. It's not fair that neighbors don't get their cats fixed and leave them outside day and night so they dominate, even other people's yards, and pets. After what I saw it do to my cat yesterday I won't even feel bad about taking it OUT!! I"m so angry, that these days it seems the criminals, even the animal criminals have all the rights.One day that violent cat WILL disappear.