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jtbuko's Avatar jtbuko 07:32 AM 09-25-2011

Thread title says it all. Our family is next up to foster a pregnant cat for one of the local animal rescue groups. We know very little on the subject. Any book recs for info on kitten birth?

starrlamia's Avatar starrlamia 11:19 AM 09-25-2011

i would ask the rescue you are going through, they can probably give you all of the info that you need. You will be caring for the cat and the kittens?

jtbuko's Avatar jtbuko 12:10 PM 09-25-2011

Yes, and I am excited about making it a learning experience for the kids. They watched kitten births on YouTube this morning and now a pregnant cat shows up in all of their pretend play :) Our library seems to have nothing good on the subject, so I may end up just buying some books on Amazon.

mommariffic's Avatar mommariffic 06:59 PM 09-30-2011

We rescued a cat who was pregnant. The doctor said we could "get rid" of the kittens but I made sure (ahead) I had homes for them and she had them. Something about aborting kittens just doesn't seem right : ( 


Anyway we just sort of let her do her thing. She had a spot that had a blanket (wool) and box for the kittens but she actually ended up having them in front of us on the kitchen floor, and she transfered them up there. We gave her space but because she was very very very super attached to us, we were able (DD especially) to spend time with the kittens from a few hours old. It was magical! I'm not sure what "emergency" supplies you may need, someone else should be able to tell you. It's a neat experience, and man..kittens in groups can be a blast!