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queenjane's Avatar queenjane 02:56 PM 02-22-2012

Background: i have a 12 yr old male neutered cat. He was indoor/outdoor probably for the first year of his life, indoor only for several more years (we lived in an apt) then when we moved to this house about two years ago he kept getting out. I find it nearly impossible to keep him in but he tends to stay around the house, usually comes back within the hour and is never gone overnight. There are other outside cats in the neighborhood. If he does get out its a few times a week. I take care of my disabled mother, and we are gone 3-4 days a week, so the cat is on his own (inside of course) during that time, and when we are home we're often really busy, running errands, etc. So the actual time i spend with this cat isnt alot unfortunately. He was rescued by me hours before being PTS at a county pound as a kitten and has always been very healthy, likes to sit in the bay window, climbs up to drink out of the kitchen sink, never scratches or bites and usually always uses the litterbox (occasionally might find poop somewhere else but he's not a marker.) 


Ok, so thats our cat. I had noticed him kind of going downhill for awhile now. I cant say how long...certainly weeks, maybe even a couple of months. I feel pretty neglectful about it but its one of those things that wasnt super obvious, it kind of crept up on me. Like, i would notice him not being as active. His tail was a little funny, not swaying all around like a cat, but more held down. Walking around meowing weirdly like he was unhappy. Then he'd start disappearing in the house, once it was almost two days we couldnt find him (to the point i thought maybe he'd gotten outside and killed) but he must have been hiding in the laundry room behind the hot water heater because suddenly he just showed up. The past week or so before i took him to the vet, he was acting just really weird. I woke up one morning to find he'd gotten stuck between the stove and the fridge and couldnt figure out he could just back out. He couldnt jump up on the couch. He seemed to not be eating, not even canned food. Walking around kind of...i dunno disoriented? plus he has gotten skinny, esp around his hips. I kept putting off taking him in because frankly i didnt have the money and i knew it would be minimum hundreds of dollars. I knew that if it was too much i'd have to make the decision to PTS. The last cat we had (she was raised with this one, rescued from the same pound together) she stopped eating and i took her in and $500+ later i still had to euthanize her (suspected fatty liver disease, going downhill quick, seizing at the office, etc.) And that was during tax refund time so at least i had it to spend. So when this current cat started peeing on the kitchen floor, i KNEW something was wrong, because that is totally not like him at all. A big puddle of urine on the floor while we're IN the kitchen?! Totally out of character.


On the way to the vet, i had him in an open rubbermaid container since i forgot i'd loaned the carrier to a friend and he was so lethargic i thought he'd just lay in it, but he decided to try to climb on me while driving...i pushed him back down and he BIT me. And sunk his claws into me, hard. my arm is all scratched/bit up. That is NOT like him at all.


So i was all freaked out thinking i'd likely have to PTS, because to me he's so sick. But the vet didnt seem THAT worried. I agreed to pay for a bunch of stuff (over $300)...i left him there to go get my kids from school and was shocked when they called "ok he's ready to be picked up!"...everything came back normal, mostly. FELV negative, FIV negative. They said he had a slightly elevated white blood count(i think it was?) but that that could be from stress (??), he has fleas so they gave him revolution for that. Didnt do a fecal but did a blood panel, everything was in normal range apparently. The day before i took him in i noticed that he was sneezing and stuffed up (NEVER had that problem before) so they gave him an antibiotic shot for that, and they seem to be blaming it all on that? But those symptoms are very long can a respiratory infection not show until its causing major problems?? Oh and he went from 12 pounds a year or two ago, to 8 pounds now.


He goes back on monday for a followup exam. He still doesnt seem to be eating much. And now he's doing this weird thing where he walks around the perimeter of the room, comes to a wall, stops and looks at it then turns to walk along the wall. Almost like he's losing sight?? And yesterday i kept hearing him meow every few minutes from the living room, finally get up to look and he had his head wedged between the piano leg and the wall? and was just stuck? Thats really bizarre! If he gets stuck somewhere like that while we're at my moms it will not be good. NOT leaving him alone is not an option though.


So....what the heck?! I can't afford alot more invasive tests. My gut is telling me something is REALLY wrong with this cat, but they didnt seem that concerned at the vets. Would something like cancer show up on those labs they did?? I dont think i can let him go on in this condition, its awful to see, but i dont have unlimited funds to treat whatever it may be. Shouldnt the antibiotic have worked by now? (its been a solid week.)



Sorry this was long.



womenswisdom's Avatar womenswisdom 04:23 PM 02-22-2012
I've worked in vet medicine for 15 yrs. My first thought is a neurological disorder of some kind or possibly cancer. Did they do any x-rays of his head? Did they look closely at his mouth to check for tumors? Those can cause "congestion" if they are in the upper jaw area and can affect brain function if they have gotten large enough.
queenjane's Avatar queenjane 04:37 PM 02-22-2012

They didnt do any xrays, she did look at his teeth/mouth. They seemed to think that the problem was the URI. I just dont know what to think. He looks like crap and he's acting WEIRD. I tried to express that to the doc. I really thought i was going to walk out of there w/o a cat, thats how bad i thought he was. But they sent us home with just that antibiotic shot and i think they injected some fluids too. He's definitely sneezy and stuffed up now, but that is totally new. Does a URI usually manifest those types of symptoms (cold type symptoms) pretty early on or does it take awhile to look like that? because he's been sick for waaaay longer (weeks, at least) than i've noticed those cold like symptoms.

womenswisdom's Avatar womenswisdom 05:13 PM 02-22-2012
No, it doesn't sound like the URI is probably the cause of what you are seeing. It's probably coincidental. If it were me (and I had enough money), I would get a second opinion. It doesn't sound like your vet is listening to what your concerns actually are and is focusing on the most obvious thing going on even though it in no way explains the symptoms. Furthermore, using antibiotics to treat a URI is probably not going to do any good, because they are typically viral.
starrlamia's Avatar starrlamia 06:36 AM 02-23-2012

agreed with womenwisdom, i also think it sound neurological. Im sorry you and kitty have to go through this :(

queenjane's Avatar queenjane 09:18 AM 02-23-2012 going to try to take him into the vet today. My sister suggested maybe he had a stroke. I dont know. I do know i cannot afford more invasive testing, so unless the vet comes up with a better idea, we would probably have to put him to sleep. greensad.gif

queenjane's Avatar queenjane 03:38 PM 02-23-2012

Took the kitty into the vet. He was doing the intense pacing and head pressing there as well. And had lost weight even from last week. I decided to have him PTS, i think it was best.

womenswisdom's Avatar womenswisdom 05:19 PM 02-23-2012
I'm sorry. I think you did the right thing.
starrlamia's Avatar starrlamia 08:35 PM 02-23-2012

Im so sorry, RIP kitty :(