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Sailorshawna's Avatar Sailorshawna 11:50 PM 04-06-2012

Hi, I live in Canada and today I found an injured bunny on the side of the road. It is currently the middle of the night and it is a holiday so no vet hospitals are open. The bunny might have a broken leg but it is evident that he/she cannot walk. I am either going to take the rabbit to a shelter in the morning or I am going to take it to a hospital and keep it myself. What I want to know is how expensive are vet bills for this kind of thing. Thank you

rnra's Avatar rnra 12:07 AM 04-07-2012
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starrlamia's Avatar starrlamia 10:41 AM 04-08-2012

is it a pet or wild bunny? I would call local animal control and see what they recommend.