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nanadee41's Avatar nanadee41 10:54 AM 12-02-2012

I adopted two sister cats 4 years ago and we love them both very much. They have been spayed and declawed (dont judge.... they are strictly indoor cats) However for the past 6 mos or more one cat (Cuddles, a very loving socal cat) has stopped using the litter box so when I come home there is little cuddle gifts for me to clean up (thank god I have tile) We have gone the vet and there are no medical reasons. We seperated the litte boxes and food so that each cat has there own food/water dish and litter box noe of this has worked. We now have had to put her in a room of her own and when we try to let her out she resumes the pooping in the corner. While she is in her room she uses the litter box. But she is basicly in kitty jail with little interaction. I dont want to find another home for her but I am at this point so guilty for locking her up I dont know what else to do. Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


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starrlamia's Avatar starrlamia 12:15 PM 12-03-2012

how are you cleaning up the mess? you need to use an enzyme cleaner to get rid of the smell completely or she may continue going there. Another thing is maybe think about putting a box in the corner she is pooping in?

milagras's Avatar milagras 08:46 AM 12-04-2012

So sorry to hear about your issues with your kitty.  I have 6 indoor cats with an array of relationship issues.  Disagreements and grudges are common.  Has anything changed with the two sisters?  Can you recall anything changing in your family as a whole around the time the litter box issue started?  How many litter boxes do you have?  We have 6 litter boxes - one for each cat.  If we had more space we might have another just to be safe.  Cats are creatures of habit and any change in their routine can throw a wrench in the works.


I hope you find a solution.  Best of luck.