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Elderly cat - think its time for euthanasia

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My cat is 17.5 years old and suffering from over active thyroid which means his heart is racing, has very funny purr due to large goiter but more to the point he is miserable. He eats all the time but getting thinner. He sleeps when not eating. He used to like going outdoors but has to be forced now and all he does is walk from the back door to the front door very very slowly, and sleeps until he comes in demanding more food. It's impossible to feed him to capacity. He is no joy to us anymore but more to the point, he has no quality left. He is blind and confused, wandering into the kitchen occasionally to eat the puppy food. I have an appointment to have him put to sleep tomorrow afternoon by the Vet. One vet told me months ago that he is suffering - I don't want him to suffer (we have had him since he was 6 weeks old). My husband says he is not ready to have him put down but I think he is not fully recognizing the dats misery. I would love to hear what others think ASAP - thank you.
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17 1/2 is old for a cat, but my family had 3 cats who lived to be 19. Is there a treatment available for his thyroid? I found this which discusses options. Don't know what you have tried or if your vet thinks any treatment is suitable for him.




If there is not an option to improve his health, I agree with putting him down; it is kinder than letting him suffer.  

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Sending you some love.  I've been there...twice this summer.  It's such a tough decision to make.  I wish they could talk...


Have you spoken with your vet about options?  There are treatments for thyroid issues.  The age of your kitty and his general health will be factors. One of my cats lived to be 21 and two others were more than 17.  I've been lucky to have a vet who will give me honest answers.  I always ask what he would do if it were his pet.  Plus I go with my gut.  And as terrifying and sad as it's been, when the moment came to make the decision to euthanize two of our cats two months apart this summer, I felt it deep deep inside that it was the best thing to do.  I still tear up about it...  But, cats live very much in the moment. Quality of life is such an important and sometimes hard to face factor.  My vet once asked - Are you keeping him alive for you or for him? 


First, find out your options.  There are medicines and herbal things you can do for thyroid issues.  Call your vet.  Search the internet.  Don't give up on your kitty...yet don't feel guilty if you come to the decision to ease his suffering.

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