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ceeveg 06-23-2014 07:25 AM

New dog and allergies
We have just adopted a six month old puppy. I am allergic to dogs, and wondered what I could do to reduce the allergens in our household. I currently take Zyrtek and use Flonaise. After I finish playing with him, or brushing his fur, I always wash my hands and arms to my elbows. I also change clothes as needed. Is there more that I can be doing? Will I eventually become desensitized? We keep him off furniture and he has a soft bed in each room that we launder separately from our other laundry. How often can we bathe him? He is a terrier mix. We only have tile and hardwood floors in our home. Thanks!

One_Girl 06-23-2014 08:47 AM

Grooming him daily will decrease shedding. Sweeping twice a day and keeping him off the furniture should also help. I've found that my allergy to cats has become worse with exposure and I've heard that is common with allergies.

Asiago 06-23-2014 11:30 AM

Bathe him thoroughly. Allergic reactions stem from saliva, urine and dander, so bathing thoroughly will rid his skin and coat of the bulk of these.Then you can rinse him on a regular basis as needed.
Bathing him after that first bath doesn't need to entail shampoo, but if so so then dilute it with water first then apply.
Don't be afraid of rinsing him on a daily basis, in order to reduce your allergic reactions and feel comfortable.
If you are reacting from his saliva, and puppies are quite mouthy while playing, then you may have to wash your hands or your face after playing.

This advice was given to me by a veterinarian and it was very effective for my allergic family member.

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