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Rollermommy's Avatar Rollermommy 11:21 PM 05-04-2005
We need a Pet forum!! I dont know, maybe it could be called....People That Have Too Many Pets And Dont Know How To Train Them Forum.
And you know...Shannnon0218 would be AWESOME as a mod for this one (not to volunteer you or anything )

But seriously, i have so many questions about our pets and i really dont want to bug the crap outta shannon all the time....she's going to start charging me for councelling i just know it.

Like, how to i teach my 2 yr old rhodesian (75-80lbs) to not bite the snot outta me when we're playing ball? And how to teach her to be gentle with little buster?
And how do i teach buster not to shit on my laundry? And not to cry all night long therefore i have to stay up holding him, as any good ap mommy would do :LOL I would let him sleep in the little bed with me, dh, and ella, but we have concrete floors and i'm afraid he'll fall off the bed, or shit on my $300 blanket my mom got from korea for me
And how do i teach Toad the parakeet not to hate me even though i'm terrified of him (funny how one can be fearless with an 80lb. dog and scared to death of a 3 oz. bird ). He's been so antisocial, even with dh whom he LOVES, the last few days. What can we do?

So that's my proposal! An AP Pet Forum!
I want them to be good and know they are VERY much loved but can you use AP with dogs?

stayinghome's Avatar stayinghome 11:41 PM 05-04-2005
That's a good idea! Maybe post in questions and suggestions?
kamilla626's Avatar kamilla626 11:44 PM 05-04-2005
Ooh, I'm so with with you on this! There could be all the pertinent sub-forums;

GD (dog training)
Potty Learning (more dog training)
Nutrition and Good Eating (how to get Fido NOT to eat the cat litter, etc.)
Personal Growth (how not to strangle Fido after he eats the cat litter, etc.)

My mind's working... working... If only I were a Mod.
Rollermommy's Avatar Rollermommy 11:44 PM 05-04-2005
Oh, oh, good idea!!! I'll, uh, edit and copy it over there. Uh, if any of you guys would like to jump in and answer my questions feel free