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ani'smama's Avatar ani'smama 12:53 PM 05-27-2005
I have always wanted a dog named Hoover. I just think its funny and appropriate for most dogs.

I know labs named: Jackson, Mocha, Java, Cooper, Harley, Boone, and

I have also thought of names after snow ski places in CO, Aspen, Breck, Frisco.

Jessica36's Avatar Jessica36 01:54 PM 05-27-2005
OMG He is precious. Ok Our male lab is Bishop, course he has 2 crosses of white on his chest. I like Othello, LOVE Smudge. Did someone say Bear already?
Kleine Hexe's Avatar Kleine Hexe 03:30 PM 05-27-2005
So what's his name? Decided?
mmmummy's Avatar mmmummy 01:25 AM 05-28-2005
mr nameless should be mr boo
or perhaps orion
C&CsMommy's Avatar C&CsMommy 01:34 AM 05-28-2005
I named my big, black Newfoundland Magnum. Just seems to suit a big, black dog.
PuppyFluffer's Avatar PuppyFluffer 01:50 AM 05-28-2005
I like the name Coaly for a black lab!

I also like Colby or Corey.

He has mooshie lips. I just want to squeeze his fat little face and nibble on his lips!!!! Very cute dog!
shalena's Avatar shalena 01:53 AM 05-28-2005
Originally Posted by ani'smama

This is what we went with. Thanks so much ladies! DH and I appreciate your input!
Emilie's Avatar Emilie 08:49 AM 05-28-2005
Love it!
Does anis'mama get a prize?
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