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Eman'smom's Avatar Eman'smom 10:53 PM 09-13-2005
Anyone have an online doggie store or know someone that does? I'd rather support them than the big chain stores.

I'm mainly looking for quality chews/treats/toys.

ediesmom's Avatar ediesmom 11:32 PM 09-15-2005
i don't know of any mom owned stores. But Planet Dog is an amazing store. They have a philanthropic entity which just gives and the little people. I support themwith my business.
you can look them up. they are amazing.
julesinottawa's Avatar julesinottawa 11:44 AM 09-22-2005
I don't know of any online places for food but has some natural doggie soaps and things. I haven't tried the pet line but I LOVE the people soap
Lynda&Jenna's Avatar Lynda&Jenna 01:35 PM 09-24-2005
[B]Yes, there a wahm I know of with a doggie store. let me go look for her link.
She just posted about her opening. Here is the addy