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BabyOsMommy's Avatar BabyOsMommy 10:08 AM 09-16-2005
Someone up there is mad at me - I finally found a home for my 6yo orange male cat. I've waited patiently and asked whoever I could and have now found a good home for him. My baby outgrew his allergies, so I didn't rehome him when I posted a while back, but he really needs a home that can pay more attention to him. So tomorrow he was going to my sister's friend's house.

But now he isn't eating. Yesterday he was throwing up all over everywhere. I thought it might be hairballs, but the vomit smells more like sour something and not vomit. He won't even eat that hairball gunk. He's not drinking much either. He shares a litterbox with my other cat so I can't tell what his stools are like. He was just laying in the basement behind our TV, but has now come up here to hide under our dresser. Not normal behavior.

I don't know even where to begin. I don't have much money for the vet, but will not let him suffer here all weekend long. For all I know he's finally eaten something that has blocked him up or wrapped around his intestines... he'd eat elastics, bread ties... etc.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

Mom4tot's Avatar Mom4tot 11:17 AM 09-16-2005
Annette, it sounds like he is throwing up bile. Has he been eating? Can you give him water by hand? You need to be careful about dehydration. I think he should see the vet. They can check for a blockage and maybe do some bloodwork. Has he vomited again?

BabyOsMommy's Avatar BabyOsMommy 11:29 AM 09-16-2005
This morning he threw up mostly bile. He's not eating or drinking, and I tried to give him some of the jarred babyfood that I have around with chicken in it... he won't touch it.

I'm on my way out the door to drop the kids off at my Dad's and to take him to the vet. I feel so yucky about this, as they were asking stuff like if he's pooping/peeing and I don't know because he shares a litterbox with my female (who's fine, but acting a little freaked out about Oscar being sick). We were rehoming him now mostly because we can't keep up with everything that's going on around here and he wasn't getting the attention he should have. I couldn't keep up with the cat hair everywhere either, and even though the baby is doing better, I just thought it best to give him a new home with someone who can actually pay him some attention. So I'm feeling a lot guilty right now.