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meesa143's Avatar meesa143 08:23 PM 07-20-2007
Two Rat Terriers:
Female-Circe, which is a sorceress (sp?) in Greek mythology
Male-Ryu, japanese for dragon


gealach's Avatar gealach 11:49 PM 07-20-2007
My best canine buddy is named Jake. He came to us pre-named. We adopted him when he was 6ish. Actually, we later found out his name was really Jack. The humane society intake people wrote down his name wrong when his previous family surrendered him. Neither Jake nor Jack is a name I would typically choose for a dog. Too common. But, he is truly Jake now and I can't imagine him as anything else.

My newt's name is Phoebe. Because she is an amphibian or *am-PHOEBE-an*, you see. I thought that was cute when I named her 11 years ago. And, yes, she's really at least 11 years old. I have had her that long. My mom and my dh both swear they haven't replaced her with new Phoebes without my knowledge. I've researched it and newts can live that long in captivity, though it is rare.
teachma's Avatar teachma 12:13 AM 07-21-2007
My 12 week old wheaten terrier's name is Jasper. Dh and I named him after on of our favorite artists, Jasper Johns. We named him before he arrived at our house, and when we first introduced him to the children, ds asked, "Can we change that name?" I said, "We did. We changed it to Jasper!" He's gotten used to it and hasn't asked to change it again yet.
mamamac2489's Avatar mamamac2489 12:42 AM 07-21-2007
Our black lab is named Ashes
Camellia's Avatar Camellia 03:36 PM 07-21-2007
Originally Posted by Camellia View Post
Easy - rescued pitbull/Am. Staff (depends on who you ask ) She came with her name, but we love it. We call her Easy Girl, or E

Salvador - Black and White kitty

We are getting another Pit (Possibly tomorrow!). His name will likely be Dewgun.
I will quote myself, because we got our puppy and we named him Cain.

Earthmama - My favorite cat ever, who will never be matched by any animal in my life was a black and white tuxedo named Buddha. Honestly, I will probably get a tattoo in his honor.
Sneezykids's Avatar Sneezykids 12:28 AM 07-23-2007
Our cats:

Nemo (big orange tabby boy, nicknamed Neems)
Tycoon (dd found him as a stray, he looks like a racoon)
Gypsy (nicknames -baby girl, Gyspy Loo, Loo Loo)

The rabbits:

Mr. B
Snickers (MIA... )
and our new Jersey wooley awaiting a proper name other than the "new white bunny!"

Two rats:
Bat Rat

Lilly (garter)

Two Betas:

whew. our ds is allergic to dogs or I'm sure we'd have a few of them LOL
momz3's Avatar momz3 04:10 AM 07-24-2007
Suki, Bobby Brown, Cleo, Olivia and we are fostering a mom and her 4 kittens Vanessa, Celie, nettie, Harpo & Sway.
We also have a fish named Busta

Would like a snake..but dh says NO
greenjenny's Avatar greenjenny 03:29 PM 07-24-2007
I love hearing other people's pet's names. We only have 2 pets.

A yellow lab/pit bull mix named Daisy
A white lop eared house bunny named Spike
tresleo's Avatar tresleo 07:00 PM 07-29-2007
We have five oscars:
1. the big one
2. the black one
3. the white one
4. the small one
5. teeny tiny
oh, and the pleco is Malachi.

Our bearded dragon is Fred.

The cat is Sabre, as in a Sabre Tooth Tiger.

And the parakeet is Pablo, named after the penguin from Backyardigans - my 2.5 yo named him.

Love this thread!
tresleo's Avatar tresleo 07:01 PM 07-29-2007
Originally Posted by karpat2006 View Post
Cocker Spaniel-- Sampson
Shih Tzu- Jack
Siamese cat- Andy (was Anna till she grew some extra parts in her nether region)

Sadystar's Avatar Sadystar 07:24 PM 07-29-2007
We give our pets first names then the surname just seems to appear over time.....

George Custard
Tatty Bear
Louie-Louie-Louie, though I guess officially he should be Louie Custard-Bear
Bella Ciao
Jesse Fox

Margo Mau
Jerry Mau (they are brother and sister)
Tig Mini



The chickens don´t have names.

Just over a year ago there was only me, DH, George and Tatty - since then we have acquired the rest of these animals, had a baby girl and 7 puppies (baby and puppies on the same day!) - and we´ve had to find names for all of them, that probably explains why we got a bit literal with the goats!
pygmywombat's Avatar pygmywombat 07:49 PM 07-29-2007
Jedi Moon (German Shepherd Dog)
Coco (Toy Poodle- my SIL dog who is living w/ us b/c she's in Romania)




We have 41 and about 2/3 are named- the rest are too hard to tell apart, but here's a sampling
Zephyr, Zelig, Una, Beulah, Esperanza, Lemur, Ocelot, Marta, Puck, Cheetah II, Nipper, Evie, Ruth, Annie, May, Patience, Dusky, Pigeon, Emu, Sugar, Lemon, and Crinkle

We also have 4 beehives, but no one is named (though I think we should at least name the queens).
bluegrassgirl's Avatar bluegrassgirl 12:17 AM 08-01-2007
We only have 1 cat and her name is Daisy.

(single mommy to Emma, 3 years and Angela, 2 years)
Upside's Avatar Upside 12:23 AM 08-01-2007
One dog named Maggie

Cats: Messy, Foley, Nasa, Tsunami and the dearly departed but horrifically named Snausage.
jimblejamble's Avatar jimblejamble 01:10 AM 08-01-2007
My finches' names are Daphne and Herbert, and their two little children are Egbert and Sheldon...or if they end up being girls, Egberta and Sheldine (shell-deen)
2bluefish's Avatar 2bluefish 01:31 AM 08-01-2007
Cats - Katie and Tula
Dog - Cody
Goats - Birdie, Robin, Lily
Horses - Ace and Missy Bessy
Beta Fish - hmm... I think dd said he was Nemo
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