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I think we paid the shelter $40 when we adopted Dusty(he was 9-10 weeks old). He was a surprise medium size dog, his mama was a schnauzer, but there was no information on his father. He's surprised me a few times by "pointing" at prey, and he definitely has the pointer prey drive, plus, looking at Dusty(particularly when he's newly groomed) you can see the GWP in him, esp. with all his spots.

And your dogs are very cute too, the schnauzer hair is rather dominant huh?
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Ive been keeping up with this thread and I must say ive learned a LOT and I am thankful. I already knew puppy stores and puppy mills were wrong and never really wanted a "designer dog" but just the information alone on breeding dogs and what breeders do and go through was amazing.

I hope that I can continue my research and learn so much that I pick the perfect puppy for me when the time comes.

NMY actively making my dreams happen :
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It looks like this thread is wrapping up, but I wanted to end with something that's very important to me and to all good breeders: the relationship between breeders and rescue, and what you should look for when you are considering that next puppy.

There's an opinion that no dogs should be produced while any remain homeless, and I have a lot of sympathy with that. There's also an opinion that breeders contribute to rescue (after all, many of the dogs in rescue--in high-end areas the majority--are purebred). It all ends up being an "us versus them" feeling, as though there's a phalanx of breeders staring down the PetFinder website, with all the homeless dogs looking back accusingly.

If you decide to buy a purebred dog from a breeder, it's your responsibility to make sure that you are not supporting anyone who is letting his or her dogs contribute to the rescue population.

If you're seriously considering a purebred, I think you already know why I disagree that no dogs should be produced while some are homeless--there is a legitimate need for dogs that are predictable in looks, temperament, ability to work, and who come with breeder support and education. I would NEVER discourage someone from adopting a Dane rather than buying one, but there are many families who feel that the unknown is just too much of a liability. They need someone who will be there for them and their dog and who knows all the answers to their questions, and as wonderful as rescue people almost always are, Danes coming into rescue are usually a big question mark. And of course for those who show and breed, a properly bred dog is a must.

Where things get more dangerous is when a breeder does not protect puppies from contributing to rescue. When you interview a breeder, one of the FIRST conversations should involve (and I think a breeder should bring it up) the fact that this dog can never go anywhere but back to the breeder. Not to your kind neighbor, not to parents or cousins, only back to the breeder. I don't even let dogs go to exes in a divorce if I originally sold the dog to one spouse--it has to come back to me, and the ex has to act like a new prospective owner and prove to me that he or she will be a good home.

You should also get the feeling that if you breed this animal without permission, disaster will rain from the sky (liquified damages, reposession of the dog, the breeder on your doorstep, blacklisting from ever owning a puppy of that breed again). You should never be able to "buy" breeding rights (by upping the price), and you should never be offered a puppy on full registration (that's the AKC category that allows the animal to be bred) unless you are going to be showing it, and most breeders won't let a puppy go on full registration without a co-ownership (the breeder's name stays on the puppy for its life).

While I often use the word "show" breeder to mean a reputable purebred breeder, you need to watch out for them too. I know breeders who produce some of the most beautiful and biggest-wining Danes in the country, and I wouldn't take one of their dogs for love nor money because I know that they're scattering dogs all over the northern hemisphere with no regard for where those poor babies end up. A show breeder, no matter how well known, must demonstrate a steadfast commitment to never contributing to rescue.

So now--go forth! To Petfinder and local shelters and to waiting lists for reputable breeders! Blessings on your search.
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Joanna, that is more awesome information, thank you.

Probably I am beating a dead horse at this point, but I couldn't resist posting this from the Petfinder message board (Title: "Designer breeds for adoption already!"):

1144593- Dog:Schnoodle
Pontoon Beach,IL 618-931-3911 Kristal [email protected] 5-13-2006
Name: Max
Age:1 yr
Delete Max is a very friendly loving dog. He needs a good home asap I do not want to take him to the local dog shelter. I cannot take care of him or give him the attention he needs due to work schedule and kids. He is in excellent health and has all his shots small adoption fee and please serious inquirys only. I still have his registration papers.

1139833- Dog:Puggle
South of Dallas,TX ***-***-**** CHris [email protected] 5-05-2006
Name: Tracey
Age:2 yrs
Delete I have this sweet puggle that is looking for a new home she is good with kids, cats and other dogs. WE are asking $150.00 for her adoption fee

1144432- Puppy:Golden Doodle
Mercer County,NJ 2619913871 Nicky please call 5-12-2006
Name: Deacon/Eli
Age:9-11 weeks
Delete 1141441- Puppy:Goldendoodle and and PB Golden Retr Mercer County,NJ 267-9913871 Nicky please call 5-08-2006 Name: Deacon and Eli Age:9-11 weeks Sex:M Size:L Delete Deacon and Eli were rescued from a bad situation where they were not being cared for properly. Deacon is an 11 week old black male Goldendoodle, cute as he can be, but he will be HUGE! He is healthy UTD on shots and wormings, and has the most wonderful disposition. He is rather curly, and will at best shed minimally. A GREAT Puppy for the right family. Eli is a 9 week old male Golden Retreiver puppy. Also rescued from a bad situation, he has grown and gained weight and is now a BEAUTIFUL Golden boy, ready for a great home. Sweet and outgoing, Eli also, is healthy, has shots to date, and has been wormed. Potential adopters will be screened and you must have either a vet or personal reference. NO APARTMENT DWELLERS please, these guys need room to run. Preference will be given to those with large breed puppy experience. ADOPTION FEE which includes mandatory neuter on both pups/and please, serious inquiries only.

1140040- Dog:labradoodle
Denver,CO 303-669-4840 Stephen [email protected] 5-05-2006
Name: Bear
Age:6 mos
Delete Rare Chocolate colored labradoodle intelligent good with kids, loves to play and ride in cars. adoption fee to cover cost of his vaccinations.

1142373- Dog:Labradoodle
Prairieville,LA 2259391100 Shelly [email protected] 5-09-2006
Name: Lizzie
Age:5 months
Delete Lizzie is a Sweetheart. Looks like a yellow lab, but has wavy hair. My daughter dont play with her anymore and I dont want her to be lonely. She is predominantly outdoors, but comes in occasionally. She would do better with a family that will bring in inside more. She has had her first immunizations. $100 adoption fee. Can sale her new Dogloo $45. (1/2 of what I paid) Please give her a good home.

1139638- Dog:labradoodle
Commerce,TX (903)886-8992 Brooke [email protected] 5-05-2006
Name: Mozart
Age:7 months
Delete Mozart is a very loving black labradoodle that is in need of a loving forever home. He is around 7 months old with that beautiful wavy hair. He would love to have someone to play with and get the attention that he deserves. He has had all his shots except for rabies. He has been an outside dog and would love to be "a mans dog" (as in he loves going everywhere that you go and i think that he would be a great "outdoorsy" type of dog) He loves people!!! Please adopt him today. We are asking a $100.00 adoption fee to insure that he gets a loving forever home where he can get all the attention that he deserves. NO SHIPPING!
Nuff said.
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This wasn't the direction I intended when I started this thread, but it's sure been intresting and informative.

All our animals have been rescues, I knew some about breeding/breeders but wow I had no idea, how involved it was.

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We have a Border Corgi... She has a long body, short legs (Man her hind thighs are SO muscular!) and is black with a white blaze.

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Yes, we also require the dog to come back to us first. Our only exception with that is a retired police dog that is placed with usually his handler and sometimes another officer to live out the rest of his life. We had one dog, "Kilo" who had an injury at 5 yrs that took him out of service. Kilo ended up going to live with a family of a little boy he had saved in his first year of service. the handler lived 4 doors down and knew the family well but we still insisted on speaking with the new family over the phone and still talk to them if they ever have problems integrating a service dog into a family home. Kilo is 9 now and he's treated like a king. I love dogs in working, especially police home, a working dog needs that constant attention, that edge that any minute he could be called on. A good service dog loves nothing more than to hear that whistle. It's hard on them often though to be put in a family home afterwards, they miss working and especially if their handler is still leaving for work everyday with a different dog.
Any breeder or rescue should always put you through a rather involved interview process--if they don't, run. A good breeder or rescue will never show you puppies first....actually, we don't let any prospective owner see puppies until a second interview, if they can't fall in love with the big stinky ones, no puppy for you
I will add a caveat for those who may be looking at working dogs. It is NOT normal to keep working dog litters in the house, so don't let that shy you away. We have a welping and kennel room off Sheena's living room, it is part of the house but not in the house. It's just a different environment designed to raise a dog for a different purpose. I can assure you that while I raised Havoc in the house with a crate, that I did make life difficult on myself when I started to work him seriously, it can be done, but it's not easy (and when your dog is not biting well you will have old timer purists saying things like " you think it would help him if we brought his couch out here???) Kennel buildings should be clean, dogs should get turnout multiple times a day and even though they don't live in the living room, they should be exposed to lots of humans and never shy away.
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Originally Posted by KBinSATX

I love your schnointer!!!
I used to have a schnabrador:
And now I have a schnutt:
All free. And all came to me when they were around 2 years old (for free).

...But your Schnointer is adorable!


l, <>< wife to my sweetie, proud mama to 3 cubs, 2 who clw & 1 that i i ep for . baby was evicted early by induction due to severe pre-e/hellp syndrome
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Originally Posted by shannon0218
I will add a caveat for those who may be looking at working dogs. It is NOT normal to keep working dog litters in the house, so don't let that shy you away....
Kennel buildings should be clean, dogs should get turnout multiple times a day and even though they don't live in the living room, they should be exposed to lots of humans and never shy away.
That was my experience with the two Malamutes I bought, long ago and far away.
I got them from a breeder who bred and raised sled dogs.
I knew I'd never compete (or even mush recreationally) with them, but I didn't know how else to find a healthy, well-bred Mal, other than to head for "working" lines.
They were great dogs. Just the best. But oh, my god, the shedding!


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I'm in a pet store 3-4 days a week. I am not impressed with the "Doodles" that I'm seeing. They are extremely overpriced, and many have serious behavioral problems (SERIOUS problems), skin/coat issues. I've so far not seen ONE that I'd consider having in my home.

I have 3 mutts (2 Shepherd/Collie crosses and a Golden/Border colie cross) and my little rescued Shih Tzu. I have nothing against crossbred dogs. But doing it on purpose and repeatedly (crossing a doodle to a doodle, for example) and charging a fortune for dogs with lots of problems (and they DO shed, are NOT hypo-allergenic, which was thier original purpose) doesn't set well with me. I'm also completely against puppy milling of any kind. Take one look at my puppy-mill bred rescue Shih Tzu that weighs 16 1/2 pounds (standard only goes up to 15 pounds) and has crooked teeth and bowed legs (again, not on standard) and ask me again.

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