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kwarwick's Avatar kwarwick 12:58 AM 11-19-2006
Are bay leaves poisonous to dogs? One of my Shibas just ate one, and I'm not finding anything in online searching that gives me an answer. Is there an Animal Poison number?? He's not looking distressed, although we'll be watching him......Thanks for any info!

MikoMum's Avatar MikoMum 02:58 AM 11-19-2006
I don't *think* so. My Shiba ate some crushed bayleaf that I'd put out for ants one time (they deter, not kill the ants).

Nice to see another shiba lover---our little red girl died almost 2 years ago and we still miss her. We looked into taking a rescue shiba but never found one that would have worked for us (which is why I'm now a greyhound mama---whoa---can you say different personality type!)
kwarwick's Avatar kwarwick 03:02 AM 11-19-2006
Thanks for your reply. He's looking ok, and it's about 2 hours later. We've always had to watch him around food and garbage cans.....DH was cleaning up dinner, and poof!, our sneaky little guy ate a bay leaf out of the top of the garbage can. It surely smelled like the turkey breast and butter I made DH for dinner, so I'm sure that was the attraction more than the bay leaf. Always happy to "meet" other Shiba lovers! Our male is going to be 10 yo this year, and our female is going to be 8. They are our first kids, that's for sure. Although, I'm seriously thinking that a non-shedding dog is where we're going the next time around. Where does all the hair come from?!?