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Sanveann's Avatar Sanveann 11:24 PM 04-01-2007
What a gorgeous borzoi! I just love sighthounds ... they are SO elegant looking!

bjorker's Avatar bjorker 05:14 AM 04-29-2007
I don't have any pictures yet, but I just "adopted" my mom's parakeet. His name is Bailey, and my mom basically gave him to us because she is kinda-sorta moving to California for a two-year job. She is keeping her house here, and returning home a few weekends a month. I grew up with a parakeet that I loved and played with all the time, so she wanted me to have this parakeet. She just brought him over tonight. dd loves Bailey, and I'm excited to have him here.
laketahoemama's Avatar laketahoemama 03:24 AM 04-30-2007
KaraBoo's Avatar KaraBoo 09:01 AM 04-30-2007
This is Katya, 11 yr old ball of neuroses. She's also called Chow yun cat and Bratlips and BooHeadKitty.

She sulks if she doesn't get her lovies at night. She hates when my daughter is in our bed. She will flop really hard on the rug in our room as a signal to me she wants brushes...NOW! LOL She doesn't like wrinkled bedclothes and won't walk on the bed until we straighten them. We believe she has a secret life and make up stories about her making movies with John Woo (hence, the Chow yun fat nick). Since we found out about she has early kidney disease, after crying like babies, we have started calling her Kidney Kat and want to get her a cape with a "K" on it.
boricuaqueen327's Avatar boricuaqueen327 06:33 PM 05-01-2007
Here is our newest addition, a betta whom dd named Dorothy, LOL.
Dorothy the Betta

And here are pics of my other furbabies:
Tyson the chocolate lab

Goldie the golden retriever

KahluaBunny the standard rex

Mowgley the ratty

Achilles unfortunately passed away this weekend.
rmzbm's Avatar rmzbm 11:51 PM 05-01-2007
How in the world did I miss this thread? :

OK...we have 3 cats and 1 dog;

Our first cat, Mitzy, came to us 4 yrs. ago as a kitten. She was a stray that found her way to our front porch. She's a gray tortie color.

Our second cat, Maverick, we also got as a kitten - last Sept. shortly after moving to GA. He was being chased by dogs & was taken by someone I had met to a cat shelter. I kept thinking about him & went & got him! He's white with a gray van mark on his head.

Third cat we got yesterday, Mickey Mouse. He's a 6 week old kitten. Abandoned to the place we got Maverick.

No recent cat pics on the puter - sorry!

Our puppy (3 months old) is Dakota. He's a Beabull. (Bulldog/Beagle.) He was adopted a few weeks back - not sure how long, lol, less than a month ago for sure! Got him on a Tues. from Animal Control...he was set for euthanasia that Thurs. : Here's a recent Dakota pic - Need to get better shots, I know...haven't been keeping up with getting pics uploaded.

Love our furry friends!
UmmBnB's Avatar UmmBnB 12:56 AM 05-02-2007
Mistress Ginger - Gingi for short


Baby Lucille - Lucy for short

Gingi was a rescue about this time last year. We just got Lucy on Sunday from a breeder. They actually played together today!!!
Scribe's Avatar Scribe 11:58 AM 05-02-2007
You know, I see a lot of cute dogs, but I have to admit it--I've got a huge crush on Dakota.
rmzbm's Avatar rmzbm 01:58 PM 05-02-2007
Originally Posted by avengingophelia View Post
You know, I see a lot of cute dogs, but I have to admit it--I've got a huge crush on Dakota.
AWWW, thanks! You're so sweet! Hehehe, now I'm motivated to get more pics posted, LOL! That was back in the woods behind our house...I tried getting him to sit for a pic but he was SO wound up...he chases bugs back there obsessively!
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