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MelanieMC's Avatar MelanieMC 11:21 PM 04-27-2007
Greyhounds killed in accident

This happened earlier today not too far from where I live. Four greyhounds died in the wreck and 7 got loose. As of right now there are still 3 missing. For those of you who know anything about greyhounds you know they are sight hounds who will chase any moving object, without regards to safety. I hope they find the missing ones; they interviewed someone from the b'ham racecourse earlier on the news and he said the ones that are missing are wearing muzzles (for their own safety) and with them on they can drink but not eat. Their main concern is that some ppl may see them and not try to catch them b/c they are large and with the muzzle some may think they are dangerous. They had one lady on the news who had seen one but wouldn't go near it b/c she thought it looked scary (luckily someone with her did and that one was caught). This is especially sad for me b/c I'm in the process of learning about greyhound adoption.

canadianchick's Avatar canadianchick 01:53 AM 04-28-2007
OMG.... This is heart breaking. We have a Borzoi, he is also a sighthound. The thought of him being out lose makes me sick to my stomach. I hope they find the missing ones soon and I hope no more die.:
mesa's Avatar mesa 02:09 AM 04-28-2007
I hope they find them soon, or that they're able to get the muzzles off somehow

Jan '06, a whippet escaped from her crate at JFK after the Westminster KC show, they still haven't found her, but people have seen her running around. Sighthounds can be nearly impossible to catch, and they go feral quickly.

Poor pups. I want to adopt a racing greyhound someday too, when we have more space.
TigerTail's Avatar TigerTail 02:34 AM 04-28-2007
Oh! I love the sighthounds (not a good option here, with all the cats- maybe an Italian Greyhound one day ), that breaks my heart. Such sweet dogs I've known over the years. (The Borzoi is absolutely the most beautiful dog ever imho, Kim, I've loved them forever. lucky you!)
canadianchick's Avatar canadianchick 10:34 PM 04-28-2007
Originally Posted by TigerTail View Post
(The Borzoi is absolutely the most beautiful dog ever imho, Kim, I've loved them forever. lucky you!)

Thank you. : He is actually my second Borzoi and I know I will never have another breed. He is as awesome as he is beautiful as was my first one. There are some pics of Zander in my signature.

PS- we have cats and he is fine with them. My first boy, Zach, was fine with his kitties too.