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i'm feeling fluffy.

how did you choose the names for your pets.

i'll start.

my first hamster was called Fluffy Hunnybun- i was five.:

my first cat was names Marmalade-he was an orange tabby, i was nine and i thought i was being original.

:Andy-named after my sister's friend that she taught with in China-he used to chase cockroaches with chopsticks
: Moll-named after Moll Flanders from the Daniel DeFoe novel
:Pele-named after the Hawaiin volvanoe goddess (we didn't name her, she came with the name although we say she is a lot like the soccer player Pele)
:Hermione- named from the Harry Potter novels.
:named after Puck from a Midsummer Night's Dream

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One of ours is named after a goddess of the hunt, since she is a hunting breed. The other is named after a literary dog from a book a loved.
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My husband named one of our cats Guinness, well because he likes to drink Guinness and it is a dark brown siamese.

I named the other cat Reagan because I couldn't think of a name for him and it was in my head since our cats moved in soon after President Ronald Reagan died.

Dh named our dog Larry just because, it suits him well!

All of my prior pets my mom named.
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Our dog Cookie just came with her name, so we didn't change it. All our friends think we should change it, but it's kinda too late, I know her as Cookie now.
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I grew up with a golden retriever named Teddy (full name Golden Teddy Bear). My current golden retriever is named Sir Golden Kodiak Bear (the Sir came from his sire, all the boys in that line were Sirs). I raised rabbits for a while, when I was younger. I had a Daniel Boonie (as in Bunny, pun intended) and a Popple (after the stuffed critters). I also had a Boxers (when he was a baby bunny, he like to crawl up the boxer shorts that i would wear to bed.) We also had a rescued greyhound. Her racing name was Sprite, but we changed it to Winnie, as in Winnie the Pooh Bear. I like having my dogs named after bears. I've had other pets along the way, but those are the ones that stick out in my mind.
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: Smeagol from Lord of the Rings
: Hagrid from Harry Potter
Both dogs are pugs - one black & one fawn. I'm a (HUGE) fan of Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter.

: Cecilia. That was my Spanish name when I took Spanish in 7th grade.
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My dog gyzzmo looked like gizmo form the gremlins when she was born. She had huge ears and is the same colors.

The other dog was Rocky when we got him but we changed it to Rock.

"Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication" --Leonardo Da Vinci
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It would take too long to go through my childhood dogs, cats, turtles, fish, horses, birds, etc.

My dh named our dog-it just popped out the first moment we saw him as a tiny little pup jumping up at us in the box (pick me! pick me!)

My oldest dd named our rescue kitty-his name was Minkie, which morphed into Winkie. I, however, call him many versions of Kitty, ala the Rob Schneider SNL making copies skit. KITty. KITty CAT. Kitty kitty kitty! He loves it.
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We have 2 cats. Peter was named by ds (he likes Spiderman) and Paz was named by dd (she likes Ready, Set, Learn on TLC and they have a little penguin named Paz).

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: Keekah, named by our then almost 2 year old who was trying to say "kitty cat".
: Cat, named by our then almost 2 year old who kept yelling "CAT!" at her everytime she picked a fight with Keekah.
: Lemonade, who is actually a guest kitty in our home, was named by my 7 year old nephew because "It's a good drink."

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Well, our most recent pets were:

Stray Cat
Stray Grey

Can you just see the creativity here?

And then the 2 stray puppies that showed up I let our kidlets name, so they were Scooby and Shaggy.

I'm so unoriginal.

I had a white cat named White Cat.
And an orange stripey one named Orange.
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You ready for a novel?

My first cat was Fluffy, because of the Wee Sing song "there was a farmer had a cat and Fluffy was her name-o, F-L-U-F-F-Y, F-L-U-F-F-Y, F-L-U-F-F-Y and Fluffy was her name-o". I was 4 :P

We had a pet pig that my brother named Surprise because it was a surprise that he won her at the fair, we called her Surrey.

My second cat my brother named Unique because he had two different color eyes, we called him Nicky.

Then I had a string of mice. First were Beauty and Beast because one was pretty and one was really scruffy. Turns out they really were male/female and they had babies so they were Chip, Mrs Potts, Lumiere and Cogsworth (from the Beauty and the Beast movie).

Then I had another cat, we thought it was a girl so when mom called her Annoying (she was!) I decided she could be Annabelle, and we called her Anny. Then we found out it was a boy so I wanted a name like Anny so as not to confuse him, so I picked Xanny short for Alexander. To give him a full name I came up with Alexander Xanthakos, Xanthakos from a book I was reading by my favorite author. He needed a 2nd name and I couldnt find a good middle name so I picked a new first name, Brian Alexander Xanthakos. We called him Xanny or Lex.

Then I had more mice, and they were Morgana Louise Mordecai, Mathew Thomas Schultz, George Frederick Bartholomew and Alfred Mortimer Hitchcock. Just cause I liked them. They didn't have nicknames, they just went by their first names.

Then I had two fish, First I got Oliver (cause I liked it) and then I added Jamie, because of Jamie Oliver. My roommates called then Lunch and Dinner :P

Then, DP and I got a cat - he is big and orange. He was Gremlin at the shelter but I like real names for pets. DP liked Eduardo, but I liked Murphy. I think cats should have good nicknames and I don't like any nicknames for Eduardo. Then we ended up with Tomás Murphy Hobbes. Hobbes because he was orange and also because of Thomas Hobbes. My DP wanted a Spanish name so I humored him with the spelling of Tomás. We call him Tommy or Murph.

Finally we have a second cat, she is small and dainty. She was Popple at the shelter. It took us a long time to agree on a name for her. DP wanted another Spanish name. In the end we decided on Isabella Victoria Hobbes. I wanted her to have her own last name but DP said she should have Tom's surname because they are supposed to be siblings.. We call her Bella, sometimes Tory. I think Bella was forefront in my mind after a series of books I've been reading. She was Isabella Sofia for a short while but then DP preferred Victoria.

MTA: if we keep having pets I am going to run out of names for potential future kids :P

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Our precious baby girl is coming to turn our world upside down in January 2014!

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We named our kitty Berzerker because the day we got her we were watching 'Clerks' and practically died laughing when Vlad sings his song 'Berzerker' -- we changed the lyrics to "DO YOU WANT TO BE MY CAT BERZERKER!" That and the fact that she was bouncing off the walls and generally acting crazy.
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Puddy (I tot I taw a Puddy tat!)

Snowball (RIP, our black cat)

Smookie (Originally named Spooky, because he was spooked of everyone, by DS couldn't quite say it right and it came out like Smookie, and that stuck)

Zipper *or Yipper - more appropriate* (Originally named Hitler, a dog we got from my SIL when she moved. We didn't like the name and changed it, she'd answer to Zipper because I guess it sounded similar enough to Hitler)

Dooby (Scooby Dooby Doo. Why else would we name him Dooby?:)

Growing up on the farm, we had pigs named Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner. Another one named Alf. Cows names that are memorable: Nimrod and Freedomtrain. A horse named Snipper.
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Bumba is actually Jeebus Bumba....Jeebus is a Simpsons reference or so I thought.....I guess it was a Zappa reference....not a squirrel zappa either.

Cycle is actually MotorCycle.

Cobra is just Cobra. He was a sweetheart stray and needed a tough name.

I usually give up with the animal naming and let my DP win.
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I love food related names for pets, I would never give them a "people" name. I guess I'm just weird. I named my family's first dog Cinnamon when I was 14 because his coat was gorgeous shades of brown, tan and black. I was hilarious when that cute brown puppy grew into our ferocious 125lb. protector. My newest puppy was white and wild and Coconut just suited him so well.


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Out of the pets that I've personally named....

I had a hamster named Jessica. Why I chose that, I really don't know other than I liked the name.

I had a rabbit named Gizmo. Reminded me for some reason of, well, you know.

I had two betta fish named Pinky and The Brain. One was red and purple; he was obviously Pinky, and The Brain was blue and green. I loved that show (along with Animaniacs) when I was a kid.

We have a cat named Riley. DH and I just both always thought that'd be a good name for a pet, and even though it's actually English in origin, it's got a nice Irish ring to it (we both have Irish blood).

Our other cat is named Kasey....we're big Kasey Kahne fans.
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: Samuel P. Cat, aka Sammy - the kids named him.

I wanted to name him Gideon - so when I called him I could say, "Here, Giddy, Giddy, Giddy ..." The kids thought that was stupid, though.

Every baptized Christian is, or should be, someone with an actual (disturbing) experience, ... a close encounter, with God; someone who, as a result, becomes a disturbing presence to others. - Fr. Anthony J. Gittins, A Presence That Disturbs
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My cat is Flea. He was so teeny tiny and covered in fleas. He is not a 20lbd flea.

Our dragon's name is Fluffy. ... he is a bearded dragon so it is just silly.
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We got our old dog just last spring, and he was already named Jimmy. Not what I would have chosen, but that's all he's ever known.

We also call him Jim or Jimbo.
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Our kitten is named Mouse because he is all gray and was hardly bigger than a mouse when we found him

I used to have a cat named K.C. for Kitty Cat.
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We have five rescued husky mixes.

Ruby is the name of a village in our state.

Sky, I was told was always looking up as a puppy.

Tupaw because he does this little trick with his two front paws.

Missy just came that way with no story.

Zoe is the same as Missy.
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We moved into a house that my brother, Marcus, moved out of and he left behind his dog. The dog barked a lot. He was Marcus' dog. Therefore, he is Barkus.

Body, I've been more than patient. Please make a baby. Please?
always loving my babies. (May 08)(April 09)(August 09)(September 09) (December 10)
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: Cheeky Monkey RIP : from Mike Meyer's SLN skit, "are you lookin at my bum? are you a bum looker? you cheeky monkey!"

: Misfit RIP : he really was. Poor thing.

: Bambi: She is sweet with big doe eyes and long eyelashes and she hops llike a deer in the yard. Totally a Bambi.

: Disney: has a perfectly shaped Mickey Mouse icon on her back and it's huge. There is no missing looks like we painted it there! And she's the Happiest Dog On Earth.

hamster, Nibbles: he nibbles everything, all the time. He's a biter.
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My first hamster was named Duck, because the first time I saw him walk, he waddled. And, that was that.

Our two dogs are Stretch and Sita. Stretch came with his name, and we like it. I wanted to name our second dog Sweep (as in Stretch and Sweep - to try to enduce labour), but she was already named Blackie when we got her. I couldn't stomach calling her Blackie, just because it's like calling a dog Fido. So, we used one of the nicknames she had in the yard - Sita. They get called Boo and Stretchy-Bear (Stretch); and Missy/Munchie and Sita-Bear (Sita).

For greater things are yet to come...

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I'm not very creative.

Our first dog was a weiner dog, we named him Frankie.

The second was named Dobbie, he had a long nose like Dobbie did in the HP books.

DD1's first cat was named Smokey because he was grey, and the next one was named Cinnamon because she liked the name.

There is no way to happiness, happiness is the way.
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Hannah :- This was her name when we got her from the shelter and we liked the name and it suited her.

Stumpy :- Her tail is about 2 inches long.

Oliver :- He was first Lilly when we thought he was a she and then when we discovered he was a he, Oliver suited him.

Zander :- I had Alexander picked out for a boys name had dd been a ds. Both dd and I liked the name but wanted something different than Alex or Alexander so we decided on Zander and spelled it with a Z and not an X.

Kim, proud CPS mom to Marnie and my 4 legged kids, Jess, Zander, Oliver, Stumpy and Eddie.
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my pets all have rather involved names.

chachi -- full name is "chip liberace bump le deux brown". "chip" was what the breeder called him since he looked exactly like his daddy, a "chip off the old block". "liberace"...well, it's just the perfect standard poodle name, isn't it? "bump le deux" is not only fun to say, it honors my previous heart dog, bump the chihuahua. "chachi" is short for chip liberace.

harriet -- full name "diamond harriet cleopatra brown". "diamond" was the breeder's name. she was intended to be a show dog, a "diamond in the rough". "harriet" stuck because when she came to live with us she had the perfect little old lady hairdo AND we had just found out i was pg. harriet is dh's grandmother's name and he liked the idea of his nanny being around to help with the baby. "cleopatra" is the perfect female standard poodle name.

mr.grumbles -- full name "mr. elliot l.g. grumbles". this is a ginormous cat who never, ever, ever shuts up. he is the perfect crotchety old man cat. "l.g." stands for "little guy" which is what they called him at the humane society as a cruel joke. "elliot" just came from the "l" in "l.g." and dh wanted him to have a proper first name.

Rachel. Devoted wife and joyful mama to Beatrice June(2/25/08) and Leona Agnes (8/10/10).
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I named my childhood cat Prince Frosty the Third. I think I was 6 or so. He was a grand old cat too.

I named my childhood dog Fescue (a type of grass) because I saw a sign on the side of the road that said it and I thought it sounded cool. I think I was 8ish.

Other cats/dogs names include Oliver, Nikolas, James, Lily, Bella, Apollo.

My favorite cat of all times was my Puck (also after Midsummer Night's Dream). Amazing cat. Loved him. He ran away when we moved and I'm still looking for him 3 years later.

Currently we have a Rocket Boy (otherwise known as R.B. or black cat or Boy cat), a Sadie (also known as Girl Cat), and Hobbes (or Orange Cat). Plus Fishie-ishie.
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I'll just stick to the current pets, there have been too many others to list.

Bailey, the dog, came with her name. She was 4 and knew it well, and we still keep in good contact with the family who gave her to us. I can't think of a better name for her, though I do sometimes shorten it to Bea.

Morgan, a cat, has her name because I love that name and DH won't let me use it for a kid.

Murphy, the other cat, because that was the name I thought of when I met him, and it suits him.

Jose (Cuervo) is the fish. He is named Jose, because when we got him we had Bailey (Irish Cream) and (Captain) Morgan.

Charlie is the horse. And his name is twofold. First, his real name is Entwistle Wy Bar, and that's a mouthful, so he was called Sorrelly when we got him. Which is descriptive of his coloring, but I got tired of explaining it to people who don't know the real name of horse coloring. Charlie was the closest easy name to Sorrelly. Plus, now he's my Charlie Horse.

Mom to K (06.23.06) & A (09.13.09)
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