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jee'smom's Avatar jee'smom 04:00 AM 12-04-2007
it's gurgling and making really loud noises. she can't seem to get comfortable. anyone knows what causes this? i tried giving her pepto bismol, but she won't take it. this is the third time this has happened (in 6 years). it's 1am here, and i know she'll be fine by the morning, but was wondering what this was and how can i help. tia!

zo's ma's Avatar zo's ma 04:27 AM 12-04-2007
we call it "bubble gut". here, it usually happens after a trash can raid or one of the kids have given the dog people food.
kblackstone444's Avatar kblackstone444 11:11 AM 12-04-2007
This happens to my dogs sometimes, usually from eating something they shouldn't have- garbage, too much people food, or, in my puppy's case, fuzz off the floor. A good poop should clear it up.