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How to get through winter with a dog who refuses to poop in the snow?

littlecityfarmer's Avatar littlecityfarmer (TS)
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Please help! Our dog refuses to poop outside when there is snow on the ground... He's 90% house-broken otherwise (puppy with an accident here and there), and he will pee in the snow, just not #2. I'm guessing the problem is that he can't smell his usual poop spots or something because of the snow cover, but we'll probably be under a white blanket until April or so, and I don't want to go all winter picking up piles in the house...

We do take him out to potty a few minutes after he eats. Long walk, short walk, doesn't matter-- he comes back in the house and poops.

Any suggestions?

Many thanks!
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Spread some mulch or shavings on the snow. A small area is all that is needed. And crate in the house if you know he's got to go and didn't while he was outside.
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Our Boxer pup is almost 6 months old and I have to shovel his area. Otherwise the snow is up to his bum!
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What I did with my dog was take her for a walk on leash. I usually gave her 5 minutes, as it was -40 when we moved here. If she did not do her business in that time, she got put in her crate for 15 minutes, then we'd try again. Repeat until she goes. Took a week, and the only time she's pooped in the house since then (was almost 5 years ago) was one time when she was really sick.
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can you a cheap tarp & make a little covered area for poochie?
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If its not below zero, I would teather said dog outside, perhaps with some straw or other warn thing to lay in. The dog WILL eventually poop, I think, thus establishing a pooping spot outdoors.
We trained our cat to go outside by giving him no choice (no litter box inside). You will have to get the smell compleatly out of the floor with vinegar or enzyme, or both. Also perhaps a crate at nigh or when a poop is on the way untill this is established, further removing chance to poo in house.
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Thanks for the suggestions! We do use the poop-or-wait in the crate, but I think we have to be way more consistent with it... Tying him outside is not a great option, because he freaks out if he's out while we're in. I do clean floor with vinegar, but I think we need to enzyme clean, too, because I can't smell poop residue, but I'm sure he still can...

He's a Husky-Lab mix and quite long-legged-- right now, snow in most areas might be up to his knees, and on sidewalks that haven't been attended for a day or two might be up to his paw-tops....
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