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Rhiannon Feimorgan's Avatar Rhiannon Feimorgan 11:23 PM 10-22-2008
There have been several requests for a new sticky or stickies on the top of the board that answer some of the more frequently asked questions and provide easy access to important information about pets and there care. The existing sticky on natural pet food is also a little hard to read as it has gotten quite long. I would like to condense that information down to a more readable sticky.

In an effort to keep the forum easy to read and uncluttered we don't want a huge pile of stickies but we do want the relevant topics covered.

I'm wanting to hear any and all unput about what stickies we need and what they should look like.

jlutgendorf's Avatar jlutgendorf 12:40 PM 10-24-2008
Thanks for posting this Rhi!

Off the top of my head, the two issues that come up the most and have the most "formulaic" answers are: 1) inappropriate elimination (cats peeing outside the box, housebreaking puppies/new dogs) and 2) fleas, ticks, heartworm, worms, etc.

I agree with keeping the nutrition sticky, but condensing it in an easy to read post.

k9rider's Avatar k9rider 03:17 PM 10-24-2008
Also maybe one on dog training books/websites/dvd's?
thekimballs's Avatar thekimballs 03:23 PM 10-24-2008
I would really love to hear from those of you who are NOT us old fuddy-duddies that have been hanging around on this board for a long time.

If you came to this board looking for answers to a particular problem, what topic(s) or titles would have caught your attention? What would have encouraged you to go to the stickies first and then followed up on the board as opposed to just posting on the board?

I think we need to have very obvious titles like FLEAS? LOOK HERE FIRST! and CAT PEEING? LOOK HERE FIRST!" but I'm an oldie here so I am looking at it from the other side. I really want to know what newer posters would like.
Teacher Lady's Avatar Teacher Lady 12:23 AM 10-25-2008
I think the cat peeing one is great as well as nutrition. The more obvious the title the better. I had just posted about food when I saw the sticky at the top had NO idea what that was so I clicked it. Maybe even a list of who to contact individually if there is a specific question or great websites or something.
UptownZoo's Avatar UptownZoo 12:44 AM 10-25-2008
Since you all saved me several years ago from buying a pup from a lousy breeder, I'd like to see a sticky about getting a pet, including how to choose the breed that's right for you, how to tell if the breeder you're considering is a good one, the difference between a shelter and a breed rescue, etc.

I'd also love a dog training/behavior/psychology sticky. When I'm here, it seems that someone is always referring someone to NILIF, or a book by Patricia McConnell, the Monks of New Skeet, or Cesar Milan. Come to think of it, there have been dozens of excellent posts about this topic. If we dug some of those up, people would probably not even need those books!
Rhiannon Feimorgan's Avatar Rhiannon Feimorgan 12:38 PM 10-25-2008
Great ideas! Keep them comming!
phatchristy's Avatar phatchristy 10:30 AM 10-27-2008
Inappropriate elimination, earth friendly litters, nutrition, vaccinations, risks of declawing, risks to outdoor cats, young children and cats, dealing with pet loss

Just some thoughts...
Rhiannon Feimorgan's Avatar Rhiannon Feimorgan 09:40 PM 10-29-2008
What do you want stickies to look like?

What I mean is if we had a sticky called "Click here if your pet is peeing/pooping where you don't want them to"

Would it be better to have someone write up an article "everything you ever wanted to know about elimination" and have that one post be the sticky


Have a few articles, maybe one about house training a puppy, one about litter boxes, one about cleaning up after pet accidents and so on. Each article would be a separate post on the sticky thread.


Have the sticky be a list of links to resources either existing threads here as MDC or other sites with relevant information.


something else I'm not thinking of.
Rhiannon Feimorgan's Avatar Rhiannon Feimorgan 12:54 AM 11-01-2008