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azmomtoone's Avatar azmomtoone 08:04 PM 01-23-2009
DH is home w/ DS (just the two of them) at naptime 2 days a week, and cannot get him to nap lately. Of course, my best "trick" (nursing) doesn't work for him. No problems with sitter or grandma getting him to nap.
As an infant Dh could put him to sleep fine rocking or just holding him but he (DS) really fights rocking anymore. So it became more and more going for car rides....but lately he wakes up getting out of the car so that doesn't work either unless they drive around for two hours.
I've heard of a few kids dropping naps at 2; but DS NEEDS a nap, he's a crying, tantruming, grouchy mess by 5 or so if he doesn't nap.
If I were to nurse him when I get home from work he'd fall right asleep, and sleep for at least 3 hrs probably then be up ALL night long.

He's been not napping at all on Thur/Friday (the days with DH), and grumpy at night those days, for the past couple weeks; and then he naps for 3-4 hrs on Sat & Sun (and seems sleepy most of the day when he's awake).

Any suggestions for helping DH out? I don't know why DS will only not nap for Dad, but does for Grandma and the sitter. Tried sippies of almond/hemp milk, sometimes he'll drink 'em and sometimes he just throws them. Doesn't sleep.

TIA for any advice

sarahr's Avatar sarahr 12:25 AM 01-24-2009
What does you DH do when you LO fights rocking? When DH puts DD to sleep for a nap, they will cuddle in the rocking chair for a few minutes, but then ask to get in the crib, and DH will then pat and sing her to sleep in the crib.

To get to that point, we had to give DD the vocabulary and the realization that getting in the crib awake wasn't a big scary thing. But we had already done that when we night weaned, which certainly involved some tears (although never alone).

Also, sometimes DD needs it explained that the choice is between sleeping or playing by herself in her crib -- playing with DH downstairs is not an option until after she naps. On really tough days, he'll cuddle with her, then put her in her crib and let her play until she gets tired of that (sometimes 5 minutes, sometimes 30 minutes). Then she's much more agreeable to being comforted to sleep.