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snoopy5386's Avatar snoopy5386 03:21 PM 02-28-2009
I know this is kind of early, but I am trying to get this nipped in the bud early this year. Last year DD received 12 large chocolate easter bunnies for easter plus other assorted candies. I am putting my foot down this year and setting up the 1 bunny limit. 1 chocolate bunny and 1 other small candy (jelly beans, etc) per grandparent. Even with this limit she will still receive at least 6 bunnies, so I am not denying her god-given right to easter chocolate. I am looking for some non-candy ideas to give to the grandparents to fill her easter baskets. She'll be 3 the week before easter.

soposdedi's Avatar soposdedi 03:39 PM 02-28-2009
Excellent question! I like giving dd special candy treats but it is also fun to do other things: the dollar store is sooo excellent for this. I have a set of balls/jacks for her... a little box of new crayons... stickers... tiny stuffed animals... little toy cars... card games (i've seen many really small ones lately)... jump rope...

I love Easter baskets
tbone_kneegrabber's Avatar tbone_kneegrabber 04:10 PM 02-28-2009
We don't celebrate easter, but I recently saw in a store:

sidewalk chalk in the shape of eggs (which I thought was super cute)
bunny ear headbands
stuffed bunnies and chicks
"peeps" that were stuff toys not candy (so same look, but no sugar)
coloring books
how about tickets to a local arboretum or garden (very "springy")
seeds/bulbs to plant
little pots and potting soil
maybe a whole "flower pot" themed basket where the basket is a flower pot and is full of gardening things (ooh I like that idea I just came up with and think I might steal it hehe)
Biscuits & Gravy 04:16 PM 02-28-2009
LOVE the gardening stuff idea from the PP. Sidewalk chalk, too.

I'm going to get DS some paints, paintbrushes, a smock and paper. To go along with it I'll get him the book Mouse Paint, which talks about mixing colors.
snoopy5386's Avatar snoopy5386 04:16 PM 02-28-2009
I should add that we have tons and tons of the following:
art supplies
sidewalk chalk
stuffed animals
So I'd like to stay away from that kind of stuff too.
Mamafreya's Avatar Mamafreya 04:17 PM 02-28-2009
Bubbles are always a must for an Easter basket in our home. I also try to do a jump rope or some kind of outside toy like a ball or frisbee(sp?). Last year we also got some food treats that weren't candy. My dd loves Cheetos but she doesn't gets to eat them very often so I got a little bag of those for her basket. Crayons and a coloring book are fun too. I think last year we also did a card game. Oh, bubble bath is a fun one too.
Daphneduck's Avatar Daphneduck 04:29 PM 02-28-2009
I'm doing sand toys this year. Scoops, bucket, molds, etc...
veganone's Avatar veganone 04:29 PM 02-28-2009
I'm planning a no candy rule for as long as I can pull it off with DD. I plan on just putting small toys in her basket this year. A small notepad and crayons, a stuffed bunny, plastic eggs with finger puppets inside, etc. My parents always gave me one gift for Easter, too, so maybe suggest that? I want to get DD a push tricycle for hers.
bremen's Avatar bremen 04:29 PM 02-28-2009
i always got a disney dvd in my easter basket, and easter socks and tights, a stuffed easter animal, like a lamb or a bunny, sometimes headbands or barrettes, plastic jewelry.
another cool idea would be bath tablets that change the colour of the water. they always remind me of the colour tablets for easter eggs
Mal85's Avatar Mal85 06:03 PM 02-28-2009
Sorry to crash the thread, but I'm interested in ideas too. This LO will be born any day now (EDD was a few days ago). I'd like to do an Easter basket for her... probably more for the sake of memories and pics more than anything. Obviously she can't eat the chocolate bunnies and candy yet (although I may pick some up and allow DH and I to indulge), but what could I put in a basket for a newborn? It's her first holiday so I don't want to just ignore it...
Mamafreya's Avatar Mamafreya 06:14 PM 02-28-2009
Mal85, for my second dd I did a couple of onesies and some booties shaped like ducks. She also got a chocolate bunny that mommy enjoyed. I think we also put a stuffed bunny, teething toy and a hat with bunny ears.
Congrats on your LO!:
AlwaysByMySide's Avatar AlwaysByMySide 06:23 PM 02-28-2009
My 3 year old is getting new underwear, hair clips, crayons, a rubber duck for the tub, sidewalk chalk, a book, and some sugar free lollipops, that I glued "petals" onto to look like flowers.

I do similar stuff for stocking stuffers. She'd rather have the "stuff" than candy anyway.
One_Girl's Avatar One_Girl 06:54 PM 02-28-2009
I am doing chalk, a small toy, crayons, finger paints, and doll clothes for my dd this year along with the candy.
woodchick's Avatar woodchick 07:13 PM 02-28-2009
My DD got a couple cans of Black Olives in her Easter basket last year (not quite 2yo!) and couldn't have been happier

She also got hair bows/elastics, chalk, coloring book and a sand pail and shovel. And plenty of jelly beans! But really, she was only really cared about the olives.
JamesMama's Avatar JamesMama 07:31 PM 02-28-2009
hair bows, bubbles, sidewalk chalk, butterfly net, bug keeper, sandels, pail & shovel, other outdoor toys...

We typically do a BIG outdoor toy for the kiddos at Easter because both my kids have winter birthdays (I've never quite understood "Merry Christmas! Here is a bike you can't ride for 4 months!!" deal) my dad got James a bike for his birthday so we won't be getting that...I don't know for either kid now!!
lolar2's Avatar lolar2 07:39 PM 02-28-2009
DS hates chocolate. Besides some of the ideas listed above, we are giving him a Max and Ruby book (because they are bunnies!).
JamieCatheryn's Avatar JamieCatheryn 07:58 PM 02-28-2009
Originally Posted by Mal85 View Post
Sorry to crash the thread, but I'm interested in ideas too. This LO will be born any day now (EDD was a few days ago). I'd like to do an Easter basket for her... probably more for the sake of memories and pics more than anything. Obviously she can't eat the chocolate bunnies and candy yet (although I may pick some up and allow DH and I to indulge), but what could I put in a basket for a newborn? It's her first holiday so I don't want to just ignore it...
11"x11" Playsilks in springy colors, DS had one of these as an infant and it was the first toy he loved, so light and easy to grab and wave and chew on.
Llyra's Avatar Llyra 08:04 PM 02-28-2009
My kids get juice boxes in their Easter baskets every year, and think they're a rare treat. I never ever ever buy them, although my mom sometimes does...
Multimomma's Avatar Multimomma 09:10 PM 02-28-2009
We always do gardening stuff, it makes sense because we usually start our veggie garden about the same time as Easter, and it's supposed to be a celebration of spring. Usually it's seeds/bulbs, new hand shovel, gloves, watering bottle. We also buy new outside toys, since we usually get rid of the ones from the previous summer during our city's big trash clean-up. So frisbees, plastic balls, sand toys, bubbles, etc. Sam is really into birds this year, so we MIGHT change things up and get him a bird feeder, new binoculars and a pocket guide instead of the gardening stuff.
Storm Bride's Avatar Storm Bride 09:21 PM 02-28-2009
Fruit. My grandmother always gave us a ridiculous amount of candy at Easter, and nothing mom said would stop her. We knew it was coming, so mom didn't think putting herself it the bad guy position was going to help....but she didn't want to add to the problem.

So, starting when I was about 8 or so, mom stopped giving us candy. Instead, we got a basket each, full of exotic fruit. Admittedly, those fruits aren't as exotic now, because they're much more widely available - but it was awesome waking up to a basket, all for me, that contained a coconut, a pineapple, a couple of kiwis, a mango, a papaya, some miniature bananas, etc.

Now, my mom gives each of our families a big basket of fruit for the kids each year. They love getting their strawberries and mangoes and pineapple, and look forward to it every year.
veganf's Avatar veganf 09:28 PM 02-28-2009
Playmobil eggs were a big hit with my guys last year so we're doing them again. Also easter/spring socks, toothbrushes, cars, pencils, playdough, chalk.
jeanine123's Avatar jeanine123 09:29 PM 02-28-2009
Stickers, Play-Doh, a new book, new crayons or markers, small Magna-Doodle, a new ball, bubbles, sidewalk chalk, flower seeds to plant, small stuffed critter.
Storm Bride's Avatar Storm Bride 09:31 PM 02-28-2009
I hadn't read any other replies when I posted. I totally agree with sidewalk chalk, bubbles, Play-Doh, markers, etc. We usually throw at least one toy-type item into each basket (tricky with the teenager!). We haven't done seeds/garden equipment, because we really don't have anywhere to garden here, but I think they're a great idea, too. I was thinking more of something to "replace" candy, ie. a food item.
phathui5's Avatar phathui5 09:38 PM 02-28-2009
How about:

Fruit leather
Dried fruit
Christian storybooks (these are pretty cheap)
Veggie tales videos
OkiMom's Avatar OkiMom 09:44 PM 02-28-2009
I just started to collect things for my 2 DDs Easter baskets
DD1 (2 years old) is getting books, coloring books, crayons, a small toy, and maybe some gardening stuff (I LOVE that idea, shes really interested in all kinds of plants and wants to help water and take care of them). We did get a few pieces of candy but its more for DH and I than her.
DD2 (3 months old right now) is getting a small stuffed animal, book and a few baby type toys. Maybe Ill order some playsilks for her and dye them if I can convince DH its a good idea.
trinity6232000's Avatar trinity6232000 10:01 PM 02-28-2009
Okay it's a plastic toy, but it's too cute, and I can't wait to buy one for my dd. She's 8, but I think younger children would enjoy them more. They are called Hide em' Find em' Eggs. I saw them featured on tv and I have to have one. LOL I think it's actually more for me, than dd.

It's a small plastic egg, you hide it for your kid, and it makes little noises helping them find it. When you find and open it there is a little surprise inside and it says "You found me". Too cute.
theatermom's Avatar theatermom 10:02 PM 02-28-2009
We don't do much candy, either (a little high quality chocolate). The boys love crafts, games, puzzles, and legos and such, so we tend to do that. When we do crafts or craft supplies, we choose the ones beyond the stock supplies: special beads, ribbons, kits, new origami papers, more expensive yarn or anything that I might normally consider a bit of splurge or more messy than I want to deal with on a regular basis. Last Easter, they spent the better part of the day happily painting, beading, crafting, and hanging out together.

My MIL has also given them seeds and gardening tools. Maybe a potted plant or bulb that s/he can take care of and/or plant?

I also like the idea of gift certificates (either "real" ones or homemade). The boys love to get coupons for special trips or shows or choose-your-own-whatever, or what-have-you.

hrsmom's Avatar hrsmom 10:24 PM 02-28-2009
I love this thread! Easter baskets are fun! I can't imagine 12 Easter bunnies, wow!!!

I was thinking seeds, crayons or drawing pencils, costume jewelry, and I love the egg-shaped sidewalk chalk!

This Easter will be my dd's last "first holiday"- she was born last year a couple of weeks after Easter, and will turn one (how is that possible) just before Easter this year. I just had to share that! Now I'm inspired to get her a little basket, too! She'll have the most fun with the basket itself, I imagine!
LaLaLaLa's Avatar LaLaLaLa 10:37 PM 02-28-2009
We do a springtimey theme with Easter baskets. Last year we didn't do actual baskets; I was beginning a full-force anti-clutter stage. Instead we had plastic sand buckets to hold the loot. Inside was chalk, bubbles, gardening gloves, toy binoculars, kites, and sunglasses. We have fun pictures of the kids in their Easter finery with their new shades on. DS's are upside-down.
Sydnee's Avatar Sydnee 10:43 PM 02-28-2009
I started "limited candy" last year too We bought a bunch of cute gardening stuff from Target. Granted I spent way more on that stuff than I would have on candy, but it was a lot more fun! I bought them each a gardening tote that had tools and gloves in it, plus they each got a watering can. They LOVED it!
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