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Willow Emma.

I love all the names.

Jenn - Mom, Photographer, Barista 

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DS is Jambin Eli.

Jambin is the name of a small country town near where DH and I met (although we didn't name DS after the town per se - we just thought it was a cool sounding name). It's also an aboriginal word meaning echidna/porcupine.

Eli because I liked it. DH wasn't as fussed, but doesn't care as much about middle names, so he caved.

Mothering my 4yo DS and 1yo DD
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Arianna Katelynn (DSD)
Leela Gene (DD) Gene is my Dad and brothers' middle name
Zen Elizabeth Rose (DD) Elizabeth is a family name, and so is Rose
Gabrael Riot (DS) Daddy picked first name, mama picked middle

LeeAnn )O( Earth mama treehugger.gif and mother to DD Leela (9), DSD Ari (9), DD Zen (7), DS Gabrael Riot (4!)
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Mine are

Phoenix Cassady--because he is a fire sign, and the middle is spelled like Neal Cassady

Ocean Isaiah---When I was preg with Phoenix, the name Ocean kept coming up, but it didn't feel right for Phoenix. I always anticipated getting preg with Ocean because there was a strong pull for that name. At the time Bible names were popular, so I chose one.

(I am not super horoscopey, it was kind of a fluke that I named them based on that)


Anna McKinnley ---Anna was random, and the middle name is a close friend of mom's

Garrett Elwood--Garrett is a BMX'er who my DP likes, and Elwood is from something, like maybe someone DP met on a photography message board??
not 100% om that though.
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Isaac: Biblical name I've always liked; familiar but not overused. After he was born, we found out it's a huge name in his dad's family. The 1st European immigrant in America from their family (1700s!) was Isaac and every generation but the last 2 had at least 1 Isaac. My ex didn't even know his grandfather's middle name was Isaac! So, of course now we tell my ex's grandmother that we named him after her husband...

Jordan: (Isaac's twin brother) Also biblical (the river...), plus a reference to Michael Jordan. My ex's family is really into basketball and the Bulls. We thought that, like Isaac, Jordan would sound familiar, but there wouldn't be others in his class. Boy, were we wrong! That was 1995, and today, 1/2 the (many) Jordans in his class are girls. We weren't nearly as original as we thought!

Antonio: (new baby) My husband's Italian, so it's a reference to the patron saint of Italy, but it's also a Spanish name and I'm partly Spanish and have studied the language/culture quite a bit. Nice compromise.

And, most creative, Cinzo: (DH's son from prev. marriage, who lives with us) He's actually Vincent, for my husband's brother who passed away before Cinzo was born. DH more or less made up Cinzo as an Italianish nickname (from Vincenzo...). From what I've learned online, Cinzo is actually a name used in Italy, although I don't think it's typically used as the Italian equivalent of "Vince". Either way, it's cute!

One woman in a house full of men:  my soul mate:    or... twin sons:(HS seniors) ... step-son:  (a sophomore) ... our little man:   (a first grader) ... and there is another female in the house, after all:  our
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We have 5, right now. Our 6th baby is due in July. We have:

DS1, Mackenzie Daniel (my dad is Daniel)
DS2, Mikael Taylor (pronounced Ma-kell)
DD1, Holland Eve (she goes by either Holland or Evie.... I discovered the name "Holland" when I was in high school, like 14 years before my daughter was born... I decided then that if i ever had a daughter I would name her Holland. But by the time I was pregnant, I had decided on Eve. My sister said "no, you can't change your mind, you've been set on Holland forever." I still LOVED the name, so kept my plan, but we started calling her both names from the beg)
DD2, Danica Lyn (my name is Dana Lyn, though we didn't do her first name after me. People kept asking if I named her after the race care driver. No, I didn't.)
DD3, Noah Rebekah, (I really wanted a bible name! couldn't find one that I really loved for a girl, though I didn't know she was a girl when pg. I was reading in the book of Numbers when I was pg & discovered in the 7th chapter a woman named Noah. I'd always LOVED the name Noah, but felt it was too common for a boy, thrilled to possibly have the chance to name a girl Noah. Noah is actually a common name, so i've heard for girl's in Israel. )

The next baby will be either Simeon Joel if it's a boy (unless I discover a dif. boys name I like better for first name. Joel is my brother.) or Elisha Elizabeth (Elisha is also on the list of Popular Hebrew girl's names. LOVE IT! I'm sold on that one, which probably means i'll have a boy!

Love this thread!

Dana, Wife to DH, SAHM to Mac, 14, Mikael, 10, Holland Eve, 8, Danica Lyn, 5, Noah Rebekah, 3, & baby brother Elisha Isaac, born 7/21/09
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Alexandria Paige ( Only name we could agree on before we found out she was a girl)

Ryker Craig( again only name we could agree on and middle is Dh middle name, we had planned to use this name for m/c#2 but after that when we got pg again it was still the only name we could agree on )

Kami~32DH~35,Alex~11, Ryker~8 Harlan~3
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Myles Arthur
Genevieve Annette
Gwendolyn Davis
Isadora Louise
Amelia Margaret
Ellamarilla Colette
Trenton James Lawrence
Francis Chester Michael
Lachlann Robert Vinson

all family names...

 Mom of many minions . . . babyf.gif jumpers.gif     jumpers.gif     jumpers.gif
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I had to add my friends sons name b/c I think they are some of the greatest names I've heard. There names are Canyon and Crow


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Dane Aleksaner (DH is Danish citizen)
Kai Jakob (love the strong boy names. )

Amy~ Crunchy mummy to Dane (9-15-07) & Kai (9-14-09)
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No kiddos yet, but in honor of my great grandma, who was truly ahead of her time (homebirthing, non-circing, extended nursing and co-sleeping, all alone since her hubby was an alcoholic), DD1 will be Isabelle Dian (lastname).

Otherwise I like Amelia, Naomi, Emmett, Asher, Milo, Dane, Rosalie, Aurelia and Devonny. I joke that I'll have to have a dozen kids to use up all the names I like!

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