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kristi96's Avatar kristi96 04:30 AM 06-03-2009
I don't know anyone in the area I live in. What would be the best way to go about finding a teenage babysitter. It would be nice to have a date night once in a while.

oceanbaby's Avatar oceanbaby 04:40 AM 06-03-2009
Check to see if the local high school has a career center where you can post a job listing.
woodsymommyof3's Avatar woodsymommyof3 10:32 AM 06-03-2009
Do you & your child participate in any kind of play group, swimming lessons, preschool, etc.? If so, ask any of the counselors if they'd be interested in earning some extra money. DS has had 3 sitters that we really trusted. One was a teacher at his preschool, one was a helper at his after school care (now that he's in elementary school), and the other was his summer camp counselor.

If there's a college nearby that offers an early childhood education program, call and see if they can put something up on a bulletin board for you.
zech13_9_goforgold's Avatar zech13_9_goforgold 01:30 PM 06-03-2009
Do you attend a religious service? You could probably also ask other mom's who they use.

When I was in college, during our first all-school meeting, a clipboard was passed around. If we wanted to get babysitting jobs while at college, we wrote our names and room extention down. Then, when parents called the school for a babysitter recommendation, the school contacted us and put us together (the parents and us). It was a great idea and made it so easy to find little jobs. Maybe a college in the area has the same kind of service.
kirstenb's Avatar kirstenb 02:27 PM 06-03-2009
Churches with youth groups may have a list of kids interested in babysitting.
kristi96's Avatar kristi96 04:33 PM 06-03-2009
I don't attend any meetings of any type and the few people I do know don't have kids.
terrordactyl's Avatar terrordactyl 04:36 PM 06-03-2009
put an add up at a coffee shop
Mommaloves's Avatar Mommaloves 04:45 PM 06-03-2009
Church groups, highschools, ask neighbors etc who they use.
oceanbaby's Avatar oceanbaby 05:46 PM 06-03-2009
I called the local highschool, got the email of the career counselor, and sent her my job posting. She just emailed me back and said she has a girl who is interested and she is going to pass on my info. But you should do it soon before school ends!
jaxinsmom's Avatar jaxinsmom 06:48 PM 06-03-2009
I posted an add on Kijiji and had a number of replies, interviewed a few and chose one girl who is now our regular babysitter. Like you I didn't know anyone in the area and found this to be a great way to post what I wanted and was looking for and to review replies without the pressure of interviewing everyone who answered the add.
good luck!