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hbmomof5's Avatar hbmomof5 03:37 AM 12-03-2007
I havent seen a lot of it in my kids but I too have had my grandpa come to me in a dream after he died to tell me he is ok...it was very sweet and comforting.

I also have been asked by some pyschics if I am too( dont really consider myself to be..at least not a very strong one) but had one thing happen that was freaky....I went to the airport to pick up my son flying back from Phoenix to st louis...there were electrical storms and the flights were delayed so I was waiting for about 4hrs. As I sat there I suddenly pictured my female cousin on my moms side coming off of the plane after my son. This cousin i am very close to....I do have 2 other female cousins but see them rarely(every 3-4 yrs). Well when he exited the gates at nearly midnight I was very focused on him and walked right up to him...as I did someone behind him spoke to me "what are you doing here?" I turned to look and it is one of my other cousins I never see. I think the reason I saw my favorite cousin in the "vision"(it was just like a tivo moment) is because thats what I was familiar with.

I told my sister about this and said I could maybe make some money off of this by letting people know when their relatives were flying in if they wanted to skip town for a while

Azuralea's Avatar Azuralea 05:34 AM 12-03-2007
What a great thread!

I have two stories for you. One is my DS. First let me tell you I have a fear of bridges. I hate going over them. However, because I really don't want DS to pick that up, I am super careful to never talk about it.

So anyhow we're going over a bridge one day when he was two, and I'm having my usual fear scenario in my head, and I hear this sweet little voice from the back. "We're not going to fall off the bridge, Mama. It's okay. We won't fall. We are okay." My sweet boy! Ever since then it has been much easier for me to go over bridges.

The other story I have is not mine but a friend of a friend. She's super crunchy and when she was having her first baby she wanted to be in the hospital but no interventions. So everything is progressing (it was a mother-positive hospital, she had a doula and midwife, she did her research). However, as it's going along she started having a really, really strong feeling that something was very wrong.She told the doula and midwife and they said not to worry, most laboring mothers feel that way, it's normal, you can do this, etc. etc.. But she kept insisting something was really wrong. Finally she yelled and screamed that she needed an OB now and when the on-call OB finally came she ordered the midwife and doula out and told the OB, "We need to get this baby out NOW. I want a C-section NOW."

Apparently the OB tried to argue to but she was starting to have hysterics and scream (all the time being in labor!) and so they finally did what she wanted. She went into the OR -- and had a healthy little baby boy -- with an umbilical cord that was totally defective (e.g., the top layer was stripped and there were holes in it). If she'd birthed vaginally the baby would have died. Crazy, huh?
sal42's Avatar sal42 08:47 PM 12-03-2007
Oh I'm so glad i saw this thread- I love this stuff! My Mom has the gift, as do many of us on this side of my family.

I'd like to share a story. I was just under 2 years when my Grandpa (Mom's Dad) died. We were out of town visiting my other Grandma D (Dad's Mom). It was late at night and Mom was up talking to Grandma D. I was in another room sleeping. Mom says she suddenly heard me crying out "Daddy!" so she went to check on me, but I was sound asleep. She found out early the next morning that that occurred at the same time her Dad died.

When I was little my great Grandmother (Mom's Grandma) said I had an old soul. This summer I was at a coffee shop and a man was smiling at my daughter (she is now 16 mos old) and said, She has the eyes of an old soul.

I love reading everyone's experiences! Keep sharing!
CaliMommie's Avatar CaliMommie 03:03 AM 12-04-2007
CaliMommie's Avatar CaliMommie 03:17 AM 12-04-2007
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Eek!! Why oh why oh why did I look at that site when I am home alone!?!?:!
dancingmama's Avatar dancingmama 12:18 PM 12-04-2007
When my neice was about 3 or so, she had an imaginary friend... I forget his name. She hadn't talked about him in a while and so we asked about him. She said, "Oh. He's not here anymore. He had to go be born."
loraxc's Avatar loraxc 02:32 PM 12-04-2007
When DD was two, she woke up from her nap one day crying and asking to see her grandfather. This was very unusual--she hadn't seen him very many times in her life and he lived many states away.

As it turned out, that was the day he took a bad fall that put him into the hospital. He never came out again. DD also never saw him again (he died before we could get there).

Now, his health had not been at all good, and DH and I had surely been talking about him a lot in the weeks previous. But...

(I have never told my DH this story, btw.)

I also recently was reading back in my journal and saw that on May 16 of this year, DD announced that she was pregnant and was going to be a "big brother" (I thought this was funny, so I wrote it down). DH and I had been TTC, but she knew nothing about that, and we had not been talking to her at all about her getting a sibling. My pregnancy test turned positive on May 28.
Amylcd's Avatar Amylcd 03:59 PM 12-04-2007
When I was a child, I was at my grandmothers house and she was talking on the phone with my grandfather. I had an overwhelming urge to talk to him, and let him know how much I loved him - but I didn't because at that time I never said that to anyone and didn't want to seem strange. I went home, and was up ALL night worrying and thinking that I should have talked to him. He had died sometime that night in his sleep (he was not 'old', in his 50's and in good health so there was no reason to think something might happen).
Evenstar's Avatar Evenstar 12:18 AM 12-05-2007
I love this thread! But I'm such a scaredy-cat!

As far as the original question... I rock DS to sleep and hold him until I go to bed. There have been a few times when I've laughed at something funny on TV and he started laughing in his sleep. It's so awesome. When he was only two weeks old, I held him while he was fast asleep and said, "I love you" very softly near his ear. He smiled clear as day. He did this again a few weeks ago, but I had to work a little harder and did a little dance for him to get him to smile in his sleep. He's only 8 mos, so I'm curious to see was happens as he gets older.
Evenstar's Avatar Evenstar 02:08 AM 12-05-2007
I meant to continue my first post, but DS needed me.

The best story I have DH's. When he was about 4 he would have dreams of American Natives. When he woke up he would look under his bed and once he found a bow. Another time he found an arrow and another time he found an arrowhead. He was sent to stay with his aunt for about a week and after that he never found anything again. He found out later that the house was built on an indian reservation and while he was away they had a grave removed from under his room.

DS needs me again...
maybebaby's Avatar maybebaby 11:28 AM 12-07-2007
OMgosh this thread is fascinating!! I've spent more than my allotted time for homeschooling preparations reading this thread lol

It made me think about a friend's nephew...they were so worried about him and thought he was crazy because he could see light and color around people. I thought it was so cool and I felt sad for this boy that no one else seemed to think this might be a good thing and not something "crazy"

My kids have done this kind of stuff too, mostly my oldest. Once we were on our way to my mom's house when my sister and her kids were visiting. He suddenly help up a finger and said "Aunt P cut herself"...I didn't think much of it until we got there and lo and behold, she'd been helping with dinner and had cut that same finger. Once he said "dad hurt his leg playing softball" and when dh got home, it had been around the same time he slid into base and hurt his hamstring. Just weird stuff like that. He also said there was a lady in red who gave him candy in his room and he'd "see" dh's dad who had passed away years ago.

I agree that kids are just more tuned into that kind of stuff...the only weird things I had happen were before I got pg (unplanned) with our last. Everyone was in bed and I was turning off lights downstairs and getting ready to go up. I passed the entrance to the living room on my way to the stairs and I heard clearly a little girl sigh heavily. It freaked me OUT and I ran upstairs and told dh (who said "well at least it wasn't scarier than a sighing little girl" ). A week or so later I heard a little girl say "mom?" and I was sure it was Maddie until I turned around and saw no one there...and Maddie was all the way upstairs with her friend playing. I was telling my sister about this a month or so later and dh heard me and asked what I was talking about because HE had the exact same experience in the basement doing laundry (little girl saying "dad?") then a couple months later we were pg. Of course I truly believe Lily is here for a higher purpose than even we can see yet. She's amazing in ways too numerous to count!!

Anyhoo lol sorry to get so long, I just find this all so interesting! Thanks to everyone who's shared, I loved reading it all!!
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