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KirstenMary's Avatar KirstenMary 10:14 AM 07-08-2009
Originally Posted by Sionainne View Post
No, my kids are not allowed to run around a store. They know they always have to be where I can see them, and they me. This rule cuts out 95% of the running around. The other 5% of the time if they act up, I will leave the store. Sometimes we hang around outside and come back in if I feel we've come to an understanding, other times we just leave empty-handed. They are 5 and 3 yo.
YEEEEEEESSSSSS!!!!!! (I have 5, 3, and 2.5 months)

Not allowing kids to run around is not tantamount to having our kids shackled to the cart for an entire shopping trip. I expect my kids to treat the store, the other customers, and the contents with respect. If they don't we leave.

And please don't think that my kids are in any way perfect angles. Yesterday, we took the three of them to the hardware store to get some screws for some swing set anchors. There are many dangerous things in the store, and the aisles are very narrow, so it was my way (in the cart) or the highway (in the van). My oldest was fantastic, but my three year old was a nightmare - so out we went (with the baby). She screamed the entire way out (and boy did I get many for taking her out), and she yelled even more so when I put her in her seat and buckled her up. But thems the rules (yep, and I make them). I am her parent and not her friend, and as far as I am concerned, this was a VERY valuable learning experience. She learned that if she cannot behave appropriately, she will be removed. Period.

ETA: The 5 y/o stayed in the store to shop with Daddy.

Teenytoona's Avatar Teenytoona 11:23 AM 07-08-2009
Originally Posted by suebee79 View Post
I'm thinking there are two different trains of t hought going on here. Actual RUNNING around willy-nilly and walking near mama. I'm in the walking near mama camp.
Same here.

Originally Posted by LuxPerpetua View Post
Yes. And there is a difference between quietly exploring with a parent watching and running around and tearing up things. My child would scream bloody murder until she was 2.5 if I ever put her in a shopping cart (or a sling!) so I felt it would be more considerate to others and interesting for dd if she had her freedom.
Yeah I'm noticing DD has this problem as well. She really wants to get out and see what's there, which usually means attempts to touch and see everything she can, not so much running around. So long as she keeps holding my hand, I usually can direct her around the store. But lordy, in the cart would be so much easier.
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