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Marylizah's Avatar Marylizah 05:01 AM 08-31-2009
We've recently moved to a new city and it's taken DS some time to make friends and meet people, as he's pretty exclusively anglophone right now (we're in France). In late spring, we met a little boy whose almost exactly the same age and speaks English, too. We were thrilled! His parents are very nice and the adults get along great. The kids? It's a nightmare.

This little boy is super, SUPER aggressive. In fact, when DS sees him coming (at the park, for example) he gets into a defensive position, tries to hide his toys, etc, because within the first 10 seconds (and I am NOT exaggerating) this kid will hit, grab, push or kick him.

They can never get into a play groove because playing is interrupted every few minutes by this boy's aggressive behavior. His mom intervenes every time, she watches him like a hawk, but it's hard to be on top of a 3yo every second and he manages to get a lot of mean behavior in.

So, DS hates playing with this kid now (and he's one of two children we've really met so far who live in our town). I guess I have two questions: how to handle meeting this child at the park (it's a small town, we go to the same park most every day, it's bound to happen even if I limit intentional get-togethers) and what advice / books / help to offer his mom, who really seems desperate to help her child and totally lost as to what to do.

I'm blessed with an easy-going, cooperative kid so I just don't have any experience with this level of, well, it seems like anger to me. Does anyone have any resources for this woman? And how to keep the kids apart without seeming to "punish" this boy or his mom?