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I'm sure glad I know it. Just returned from a family event. Lots of fun: family, good food, singing around an open fire. Then DD walks out sort of wheezing and panicky. She's choking. I grab her, do a Heimlich and a big piece of hard candy comes shooting out of her throat.

Mommy's really thankful and incredibly relieved. DD's fine too. But we both had a truly frightening moment.
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oh, i'm so sorry you both had to go through that. i had to do the HM once ona kid at ds's school who stuffed a whole roll in his mouth at lunch. he was turning blue and couldnt cough and the directress told me i overreacted

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Thank you for the reminder. I learned the baby Heimlich in a babysitting class I took in middle school. When I was 16 I walked into the kitchen and found my 2 year old niece on the floor turning blue. I did the Heimlich and a quarter shot out of her mouth followed by a dime and penny. Scary stuff.
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DS choked on a half a grape at a family dinner.

He was sitting next to me, started waving his arms at me and looked at me with that look, the terrible panicky look. I know other saw it too but everybody kinda froze. I calmly stood up, announced, "nobody freak out" as I picked him up, put him in the baby heimlick position and gave him that hard whack that you are suppose to do. Grape half flew across the room, DS coughed, and everything went back to normal.

Most people were really shocked at the positioning and the whack, but my sister (who as an educator and social worked has had the baby first aide class about half a dozen times just like me) was so impressed she clapped. She'd never seen anyone do it correctly and with such nonchalance.

he was turning blue and couldn't cough and the directress told me i overreacted
What exactly did see think should have been done?

OP, thanks for posting this PSA. An infant and child CPR and first aide training is a really great thing to have had, at least once.

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I'm so sorry that happened but so that you knew what to do and she is okay! I took infant and child CPR and learned the Heimlich maneuver, I have use it more times than I would like to remember; my first daughter choked on scary.

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Thank you for the reminder. I learned it all once but it was something like 10 years ago. I need to go get CPR certified too...

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Every parent should know how to do the heimlich and infant and child CPR. Good stuff and the kind of thing you hope to never use but want the knowledge just in case you need it.

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Taking a CPR class has been on my list of things to do since dd was born, but somehow I've never gotten around to it. Thank you so much for posting this mama, this is the kick in the butt that I needed. I don't think I could live with myself if I had to stand there helplessly while one of my kids (or anyone else) choked. Off to google info about heimlich and CPR classes in my area....

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Check the Red Cross - they have 1 day classes that are great!!

I remember all variations of the heimlich from my lifeguarding training from back in the day, but its always good to have a refresher! I know I've already had to turn Lincoln over and smack him on the back to prevent choking (I'm not sure he really would have, but he was having trouble and I could reach the offending food with my fingers)
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I had to do the HM on dd once. She was choking on a hot dog roll (she was 5 at the time).

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I've used the Heimleich several times to clear airways.

But I've also seen 3 instances where it did not work and 2 of those almost died (had to go to the hospital, the whole 9 yards). So I would suggest being ready to call 911 too.


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I second the Red Cross. They also offer baby sitting classes to kids that are 13 and up. I really recommend them.

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Here's another momma very glad that I know what to do, but also that I know WHEN to do it, ie, what to look/listen for.

Glad your DD's ok!

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Oh I am SO sorry you had to experience such a scary moment!!! But KUDOS Mama for knowing what to do!!

My mom's a nurse, so I've had a First Aid/CPR cert since I was like 11. And I'm a Red Cross volunteer!!

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I can remember when I was a little little girl, my dad gave me one of those strawberry hard candies in the middle of the grocery store and I started choking. My mom tried HM and it didn't work (I don't remember that part) and the memory I have is where she flipped me upside down and whacked my back and the candy popped out!
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