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This post resonated with me... one day my dad was looking at a cabinet my sister had had refinished. He pointed to a drawer and said, "That's where my toys were kept."

The drawer was the width and depth of a small cutlery drawer. My dad turned out alright... literate, community oriented, and very smart.

When I was a kid, my parents did their best to give us some nice toys, but what I really remember are the experiences they gave us... we all have a yen for travel, and we all have a tie to the land. My parents also gave me North America's greatest "toy"... the gift of some time to find out what I love and what I want to do.

No kidding, that time to play around as a young adult is truly a great gift, and if you compare it to the rest of the world, it is also a "toy".
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My brother and I didn't have a huge amount of toys. I think my mom was very anti-clutter, like me. So we had toys in our bedrooms, and lots of books on the family bookshelf, but we never had a playroom or anything, and no toys scattered around the house. That sort of limited the amount of toys for us.

My favorite things were my stuffed animals, which I had a bunch of, and dolls; I ended up with four Cabbage Patch dolls by the time I outgrew them, several Playmobil sets, and my dollhouse. I was also really into arts and crafts, so had a good supply of paper, crayons, markers, coloring books, and paints.

Other than that, I can't really recall many toys that I had. We're similarly minimalistic with our own kids' toys here, including not having toys in the rest of the house.
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We had a decent amount but not excessive- I never remembered being bored at all. We had a lot of sets: Barbies, Legos, My Little Ponies, Care Bears, etc. We didn't have a playroom or anything and toys were kept in our rooms or in the basement. My parents were pretty good about making sure that our relatives didn't get us too much. We were the only kids in the family so it must have been tough at times! We also had a lot of games and books.

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I came from a fairly affluent middle-class family, and while we had nice good quality toys, IMO we didn't have a lot of them. My mother refused to buy trendy toys or toys she felt were dumb, like the EZ Bake Oven. I really wanted one, and I remember her surprise, "A pretend oven??? That's crazy. You can use the REAL oven!" So I made a lot of cupcakes growing up, lol. She was (and is) very anti-clutter, and she grew up on a farm w/ very minimal toys.

Compared to her, I buy my boys a lot. My DH thinks I buy a lot. Compared to our friends, I'm in the middle of the spectrum, and some people have called me a minimalist, so I think it's all perspective. Maybe also generational--DH and I are both 40, his dad was an MD, mine a lawyer, and we agree that we had about 1/2 (or less) of the amount of toys most kids have today.
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Thinking back I remember having tons of toys which is odd since my parents never had a lot of money because they were constantly working on their education with odd jobs on the side.

So, I was talking to my dad the other day about feeling guilty for not buying my son a tons of new toys despite the fact that the money is there.
He kind of chuckled and said, "Yeah, you had tons of toys, but rarely was anything ever bought new. About 95% of what you had was built (a wooden kitchen set) from scrap wood we got from an odd job or second hand from the thrift store."
Even the piano I remember being so coveted and "new to me" was traded for work my dad did and about 15 yrs old.

What I remember and cherish the more than those toys is that my dad took me just about everywhere he went...even to job sites when it was allowed.

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This is totally going to vary from person to person. I had a lot of outside toys (bikes, hula-hoops, scooters, etc) and a few barbies and such. We didn't really play with a lot of toys, so we didn't have them. My mom said that we were always more interested in real life things, dressing up and playing outside.

HOWEVER! My 5yo ds LOOOVES toys. He's always taken very good care of them and used them all day long. Thus, he has A LOT of toys because they entertain him and make him happy.

I think you have to tailor how many toys you have to your children. If you have kids that break things or would rather play make-believe games then why bother with toys?? I had a friend that SWORE she was never going to have more than 10 toys for her son at a time.. Well guess what, her son has a whole room of brightly colored plastic things because he really likes them. I say, go with the flow!

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We had tons of toys. I was the 3rd of 4 girls.

My favorites were the Cabbage Patch kids. I still remember (almost) all their names - Fayme Beluh, Fernanda Edith, Percy, Claire Lilah, and then a few others. I cherished them and saved them and all their clothes and accessories. Sadly the box got lost in a move, but maybe that was for the best.

I wasn't allowed Barbies or later on, Nintendo (my older sisters protested them).
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A lot. Not new ones though, usually buckets of cheap nasty hand-me-downs for the Poor Pastor's Family. I actually probably would have had a calmer mother and more peaceful childhood with far fewer toys, because they were always scattered EVERYWHERE and we trod on them a dozen times a day. Then again, tidiness wasn't our strong point in general.

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Funny you ask. I don't really remember having a lot or a little. What I do remember was the toy paradise at a friend's house. Neatly organized in a bright sunny room. They were a big family and the mom thrifted a lot. I just remember it was really cool to play there.

I don't think we had a lot but my mom was very free with buying books. I read and read and read. I also remember always feeling kind of lonely becuase there was no one to play with. I always trying to get my mom to play boards games and such with me.
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